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  1. thanks for the shout @Boudewijn!🤘 but i am woefully behind on my research for this year's crop - may not catch up 'til June or so.
  2. el cheapo bin pluck that will yield leeg contending pernts ... if i wait, im'ma go - late round qbs better have wheels, and this kid do
  3. the Charles Philyaw of professional tackle foosball organizations is on the precipice of turning the corner to legit respectability. maybe not, tho ...
  4. problem lies not within the chap's talent, Cleetz ... it lies within the skullduggery of the Cam gl package 📦 not to mention we've seen the Gnu poach a couple/few tuggs from King Hendry ... he's no stranger to goal line totes. it's a longshot, but i'll plunk if offered on a prop slate ... wouldn't be the worst wager i've ever made, i assure you 🦇
  5. plz to re-title: "From Minneapolis to Moonachie - How Rudolph the Red Zone Reindeer will parlay daily inhalations of taylor ham/egg n' cheez into a top 10 TE szn in 2021" bit, yeah ... barring preseason injury to Engram, RtRZR will certainly go undrafted in the vast majority of 12 team leegs - he'll be that cat marinating on waivers for the first couple/few weeks. but i got a feeling he'll be relevant come October and onwards to coin time ... call it a hunch germinated slightly off rt. 46, at the Tick Tock Diner ... over some 4 a.m. Satch Fries.
  6. Jonnu Smiff will have more rushing TDs for the 2021 Hoodies - bank it 🥦
  7. i say we do away with this archaic numbered jersey schtick altogether ... i propose that we replace jersey numbers with a baby pic of each player on the back, and his first ever girlfriend (or boyfriend, as the case may be) on the front.
  8. which, given the history of Conner, puts the Blancmange in line for copious field time come the second qtr of week one 🤔
  9. would pay good green US of A currency to hear Marble Mouf Mike's ( aka "Teflon Tomlin", aka Moosh Mouth Mike) first pass at pronouncing this name 🤣
  10. hell, he (Pitts) might not even be there ... der Büngles could snatch at #5 🤔
  11. though i have vast experience wif 8 balls, i am not a magic one. ... but, if ya shake me up, i'll spit out "YES" likewise.
  12. Flores pulls a Hoodie Souf, and gives his modest armed QB the Gronk/Hernandez special in Pitts/Gesecki. i'll watch ⌚ hell, i'll draft. both. the Fish Stix are blueprinting a path to thwarting 'Homie & Josh for the next decade. coin will be wagered - i'll se ya at the cage, gents 🥦
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