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  1. - props out to this kid, he looked like the only one who legit showed up for the Stillers ... (well maybe Diontae, too). guess nobody here started him last night, lest we'd see some comeuppance doled out, and celebrations galore 🤷‍♂️ figgers, amirite? dood hangs a 19 ppr line up, and it goes for magick foosball semifinal naught. meh ... kudos the the Snail, nonetheless ✌
  2. for the umpteenth time ... the Walrus was Mike Holmgren! Andy is KoolAid -
  3. fixed. this kid is the truth, and the truth Hurts 🍾
  4. mah good man ... a tie using decimal scoring is a virtual impossibility, but here you are - bereft of any contingency implemented prior to the season (or outlined in the leeg's constitution) it's the only way to split this hair. be better prepared next year 🤷‍♂️
  5. simple ... ALL 3 ADVANCE. highest score of week 16 is champ. 🤷‍♂️
  6. currently ... 1)'Homie -195 2) ARod +130 3) Joshie +2000 4) St.Russell +5500 5) King Hendry +6000 gimme Allen at those odds all effin' day, 'cuz i really don't give one shaved rat's nutsack who wins it ... i just care about the coin it can bag me.
  7. yeah, they've all but 100% clinched the bye (THANKS, TEFLON TOMLIN!), which means next meaningful game is 3 weeks away. ... but i think their starters are safe as kittens for week 16 - to wit: - their last five or six wins have all been by 6 points or less, so every one was a one score affair. - they're winning on autopilot, which further illustrates just how head and shoulders they legit are above the fray atm ... when you are not quite clicking on all cylinders, yet still only a banana peel away from undefeated, well - you're special. - integrating new running game wri
  8. the only hope, and it's a longshot at best, is that Shanny relishes in playing spoiler to a division foe ... Cards are clinging to the 7 seed, and have the Rams in week 17 🤷‍♂️ as i said ... a real longshot.
  9. he is currently listed as "C" for crying about his "haters" on the Twitterz 😭 tread lightly.
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