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  1. it's not the draft capital, it's plugging him in when you need him in a big JUICY MATCHUP!!1!!!11!!!11111!11111!!!!111!!!! and he goes 3/28/0. but, hey ... there ya go.
  2. it's a point i relentlessly drove home about last year ... that Watt gl stand effectively sunk the kid's value, as the trust in him down there evaporated ... as evidenced by the subsequent disappearance from the gl package. when you're the "lead back" on one of the leeg's most prolific offenses, and you are yanked at the stripe, well ... you're useless from our magick foosball vantage point, especially when the powers that be are perpetually averse to leaning on the ground game (lest it's raining and the Bison are ceding chunks of yds in order to contain the aerial circus). but yet,
  3. excerpt from my June 1st post in here: "uhhh, then ol' J.J. erected the great wall of Watt on a goal line series which saw our prized spec get stuffed again ... and again - and, lastly ... again. this derailed his breakout season before it truly began ... the buck 3.80 he gained on the ground, along with his Elvis like hip swivel TD jaunt were now distant memories. it was never the same after that series ... subsequent Chefs games featured a host of characters gettin the coveted gl love ... but not our boy CEH - hell, popcorn vendors and backup long snappers had a better
  4. yeah, a big NO on that, dawg ... this ain't the NBA - and i, for one, am ecstatic about that. it's still a qb driven gig, right down to Q factor ... for as wildly popular as professional tackle foosball is, the great najority of it's stars labor in relative obscurity, as per recognition and brand pumping - and gargantuan contracts are not doled out like penny candy in this leeg, either ... it be whut it be. Chubbo will get paid, tho ... his tape will earn him the prodigious coin, not his "name" - and i an totally Archie wif that. 🛼
  5. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire says it "feels like two different seasons." The second-year player weighed in on just how different this year's offseason is compared to his rookie year during the virtual offseason. The starter was drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft as the Chiefs' first-round pick and began his time in the league during the pandemic. According to the LSU grad, a year has made all the difference. “I was coming in not really knowing anything last year so that was the first thing. I had my entire OTA season off to just to work out
  6. only one i ever use. i tried gigging in some of the "real" mock draft rooms, across other various platforms - and i'd rather eat cat ish with a knittin' needle than subject myself to the abject buffoonery of sitting there like patience on a monument for 2 minutes while folks time out again and again and again ... or watching someone go 1:59 just to select a kicker in the 2nd round to purposely eff the room. yeah, no thanks. the FFPros sim does move fast, but you can see all the players picked - not that it matters, because you can tell who is not gonna make it back around by
  7. question was "where is he going atm", and i responded in kind that it's roughly 75th off the bored atm ... i'm paying close attention to the incremental leap(s) up, because, as i have stated, i'm plucking this cat. i also allowed that he will certainly be above 75th come August ... i will reach. ⚽️🦃🛀🎳
  8. ... i think even ol' Cleetz got a chuckle outta this - well done 👏
  9. im'ma reach for this kid in all of my leegs ... cannot wait to deploy this beast as my flex all season - fully expecting 160ish carries, 50ish receptions - roughly 15 touches per. GIMME!!1!!!11!1! 🍭
  10. i do mock sims on FFPros - 12 team ppr ... he is usually floating around the pick 75-80 range - late 6th/early to mid 7th seems to be the sweet spot atm. got a feeling he'll wind up a full round higher (ppr strictly) come August
  11. gonna be awfully dodgy in ppr if the coachspeak comes to fruition, but ... the one thing MGIII is quite adept at is being proficient enuff in the passing game. if he (MGIII) is getting the vast majority of 3rd down/2 minute/ketchup, well ... that's really gonna sink the young'ns value to the point of relying on TDs and prodigious ground gains - the former is dicey on a marginal, yet promising, offense ... the latter is impossible to peg as attainable wifout seeing the chap take one live carry vs professional tackle foosball defenders. it's a stretch to imbibe that adp - gotta be a
  12. both him & Henny getting nicked thus far - tough sledding up there
  13. full stop. don't even come in here with such ridiculousness. ADP, Charles, Foster, Marshawn, CJ2K, Shady, Gurley, Zeke were all much better pure runners, without a doubt. not to mention cats from the latter part of Bell's career, like King Hendry & Barkley & Kamara. you wanna pump up his compiled stats? coolio. ... but please pump the effin' brakes on the hyperbole of him being best "pure" runner. FULL. STOP. 🛀
  14. that's all great n' Jim Dandy, podner ... but it still doesn't jive you describing Julio in terms we use for streamers 🤠 🤔
  15. i cited Bell's best numbers season, the one that was his last in Pittsburgh - the one everyone thought he EARNED the right to be a BISHop from. i honestly have zero effs to give otherwise. i'm not here to wash his jock with you, son ... the cat is a knob, and a step above "plodder"
  16. why is that an issue? nobody is drafting him to be a streaming WR, i assure you. he's plug n' play ... no guesswork involved - if he's active, you start him. eazy, peazy.
  17. ... just for comparision sake - as i pointed out earlier- Bell needed 406 touches in '17 to hit 1946 total yds, 11 TDs ... Gurley, that same year, had 2093 total yds, on 343 touches, and 19 TDs. so, 63 less touches, but 153 more yds, and 8 more TDs. Bell was a volume hog. case. closed. he can now go smoke and "rap" and jet ski and get fat to his heart's content ... hey, L'ev: DON'T LET IT HIT YA WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YA! 🤠
  18. even in his absolute prime he needed ridic volume to hit lofty heights (406 touches to manufacture 1,946 yds in '17). never a breakaway threat or a big TD guy - simply a product of being force fed on an offense with 2 HOF caliber cats easing defensive pressure. did he compile numbers? sure ... but very over-rated, talent wise. good riddance to this shim 😎
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