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  1. because he's just soooooo damn LOVEABLE!!1!111!1!11! (small excerpt from link) @leveonbell since you blocked me I guess we can talk on here because you only care what the public thinks! You’re the worst f–king human being on the planet you can’t even call yourself a man when you barley take care of the kids you do claim and pick and choose which ones to claim! "Oh and we can dead the narrative I choose to be baby mama #6 because I never knew that.. I would have ran for the hills!! But I guess that’s why you had to go get an dumb underaged b**** after me I let you slide fo
  2. Babe Ruth hit 60 HRs in a 154 game season (when most teams could barely hit 60), yet the asterik never stuck when Maris broke it in the 162 game season of 1961 (then Bobblehead crushed it in the 90s). the other sports just don't have the mythology tied into their numbers like MLB ... when Aaron broke Ruth's record (again, in a ton more lifetime games), it was the biggest story in the land, even knocked Watergate & Viet Nam out the print headlines and lead stories on the networks. nobody cares about NFL records like that ... when Payton broke Brown's record you didn't see National
  3. the KHunt factor is a thorn, but i debunked just how much so in an earlier post up in here. ... btw, we always hear from the KHunt kamp that he's the most valuable cuff, that a Chubb injury would vault him way up the rb1 tier (also debunked in said earlier post), but ... have folks given pause to how much more beastly Chubb would be if KHunt went down? it cuts both ways, amigos 🛀
  4. 🚬 fingers crossed for Tennessee rumors, just to see the AJ/Julio troofers scratch their heads jusssst a bit more. 🚬
  5. the only positive note for the Howstin "offense" in 2021 is lining up streaming Defenses against them every week ... i don't care if a chap has the '85 Bears or '00 Ratboids at his disposal, you bench them to stream ANYBODY vs that sorry arse tram. they lose one of the most dynamic playmakers in the gig (Watson), and arguably the second most prolific deep threat in the leeg (Fuller Glass Man), and folks are considering having an rb from this dreck ... this toilet paper? GET ME OUTTA HERE!
  6. agreed. with rhe current ARod drama, it's clearly Diggs/'Reek/Adams. if ARod is back and slingin' it come September, it's awfully close between all 3 ... all worthy of 1st rd snagging.
  7. Stefon Diggs' 82.6% success rate vs. man coverage is now the top mark the RP era (2014-2020). He's now cleared the 91st percentile in this metric four straight years.
  8. Since the start of 2018, a total of 70 RBs have gotten at least 150 carries. Among this group, J.K. Dobbins ranks...* 2nd in EPA per carry* 2nd in yards per carry* 3rd in 1st downs per carry* 4th in success rate
  9. this righ' chere ^ look, to the Hendu troofers - i'm not saying the kid is dog dirt, just that he's not a threat to usurp lead rb duties from a healthy Green Acres. hell, if i do draft G.A. you can bet green US of A currency that i'll be fitting Hendu for the 'cuff. i'll put him in the mix wif Pollard and Slats and Matty's son as most desirable rb stashes - it's a loooong arse season, never hurts to have a few gems on the ol' rooooster for "in case of emergency, break glass!" schtick. i.w.t.f.s.u.t.a.s.f.b. Zach Stacey? huh? howzabout Cullen B
  10. ... and the fact that boy genius drafted Green Acres with Hendu already in the fold. Hendu is a non-issue, unless we get an injury to the lead back.
  11. THIS ^ ya know, i lost in the 'chip last year because i started the wrong wr ... would've won with best ball, but no thank you. it's part of the thrill and it's all the juice - i wouldn't have it any other way - WIN OR LOSE. no regrets!
  12. son, you can certainly be confident in him bouncing back and regaining his top 5ish form ... i am betting heavily against it, but - you're optimism makes this gig go 'round ... ya hear? that being said, to affirm that he will emerge unscathed is just plain gobbledygook - plz don't go there, it sounds so naive. i'll spec Pollard everywhere i can get my mitts on him - not wishing injury on Zeke, but having cats like Pollard or Slats or Matty's son or Hendu on the roster never hurts a magick foosball chap. 🦖
  13. who cares? i'm talking about Zeke not finishing the season ... i couldn't give ONE shaved rat's nutsack about anything before that. 🎳
  14. i'll snag Pollard much later on and just wait for the collapse. ergo giving me an rb1 on the cheap ... oh, i will make sure the Zeke owner never see Pollard on the bored.
  15. consistently seeing King Hendry mocked out after CMC/Chef/AK/'Quads on FFPros ... sometimes even see Adams or 'Reek slide in before #22. from pick 5 or 6 this is unspeakable value ... just insane - yeah, it's ppr - but, still - you gimme that draft slot, with Hendry on the bored ... and im'ma win a leeg. 🤴
  16. @markrc99 OOOOFFFAAAHHH! marrone, dude ... really? look, your assertion that qb was "just another player" was a pig of an opine, no matter how fancy the silk dress is you tried to gussy it up in. H.F.S. 😅
  17. Chippa nailed it ... Bilgewater actually held them all back from much better numbers ... he's a noodle armed buffoon, at best.
  18. Lenny Moore was the "real" Goombah of the dual threat rb .... Chuck Foreman & Lydell Mitchell perfected it in the Super Bowl era, and were the true forerunners to Messrs. Craig, Faulk, LT2, etc
  19. aysfkm? you started it, jack booting in lockstep with dër groupspeak, correct? dismissing differing opinions as FB fodder? 😅 guess you're just following the handbook's guidelines ... get a grip, son 😅
  20. .... ok, then - i'll bite vast majority of "fatal crashes" involve older folks who suffer from comorbidities, or who are overweight (which, in and of itself, is a comorbidity). 30ish year old athletes, in peak physical condition, suffer zero fatalities - and the "free upgrade" has absolutely ZERO legs behind it in regards to research in respect to long term damage to your engine. HTH. ☎️
  21. stop it. just stop with that foolishness. if the QB was "just another player", then how did Dallas respond so remarkably well when a leader like Staubach was given the starting gig? wanna go further? do you think the J-E-T-SJETSJETSJETS!!!!11111!11!!!1!!! win SBIII with Babe Parilli under center? ... how good were the Joe Gilliam/Terry Hanratty era Stillers? did you know that Paul Brown, the granddaddy of modern professional tackle foosball, tailored his "futuristic" offense to fit one Otto Graham? ... ditto Hank Stram with Lenny Dawson (WATCH THEM METRICUL
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