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  1. and, in the interim, Forsett gets more acclimated, and Zenner did pretty damn OK I suspect if all 4 are healthy for Sunday that Forsett would be the scratch ... even so, this mofo is murkier than ever - .
  2. Ace Rothstein would've never been duped like that, lest he wind up in a hole in the desert
  3. I'm sure that would definitely skew the opposite way had DTrain got in more than just one limited practice on his bum wheel ???
  4. agreed that the kid's a very dodgy option this week ... would not wanna chance it that being said, as a Theo owner in multiple leagues, gotta say i'm quite concerned about Riddick's injury - to be declared out on Friday/Forsett signing - no bueno. DTrain gotta be scooped and stashed, but no way in hell started
  5. most likely scenario ... all three could see early down work, but Forsett would be my guess for Theo role 100% - dude knows the passing game gig for a RB as well as anyone in the league -
  6. yeah, caught that blurb an hour ago, but it still doesn't specify DTrain's participation level ... so still no clarity here -
  7. kid still has a bum wheel of his own, no? do we know if it was a full or a limited practice? nonetheless, bank on Theo sitting, that's pretty much a certainty here - which means Zenner will be active (and healthiest of the 'familiar' RBs)
  8. please tell me Opie (Andy Dalton) is your qb and if Floyd craps it vs Jets, then he should definitely be off to that great gig in the (waivers) sky ... only a lunatic would hold him after that -
  9. Floyd the Barber scored as many points last week ...
  10. interesting, if not downright bizare, that the Lions are only dressing two RBs (Theo/Zenner)- James not activated
  11. ETA: meant to quote SharkSwimmer here this. and as a Riddick owner, it blows - no interest in him being the "lead" RB in that offense, as i think the pounding he's taking on the early downs is severely capping his explosiveness in the passing game. Riddick is never gonna be a Batman, he'll always be a Robin, and that's fine by me - really need DTrain to get healthy and do his thing to keep Theo relevant in the phases of the game he really excels at - the entire offense is suffering as a result.
  12. if that kid tries any of that freakin' gadget ish against those fightin' Philly Eagles you can be damn sure he'll wind up as the bologna in a Bill Bergey/Chuck Bednarik pain hoagie - ???
  13. hmmmm .... well, looks like I need to dig deeper before i dabble in misinformation ?
  14. no 'street' talent signed yet is a very good sign - good thing Joique is with the Bears ...
  15. i see plenty of discussion about him ... (in the Nuk thread)
  16. .... who understands the game well, runs crisp routes, high football IQ - will probably coach or be in the booth after playing days are done
  17. agreed on all of that, and it's why I own Stafford in 3 of 4 leagues ... ... but my caveat was IF Jones sits
  18. 'No Longer Starvin' Marvin looking iffy for Sunday ... think this bodes well for DTrain's prospects, inasmuch that Theo will be needed much more in the passing game than usual - keeping him fresh by spelling him with Washington would make a ton of sense - we haven't seen Detroit's 'Plan B' offense yet ... if Jones sits, the whole scheme may shift to more RB-centric, especially with all those injuries on the Bears D -
  19. can't put this genie back in the bottle now, as per Mensio: Start of the Week: Dwayne Washington at Bears:Washington was the waiver-wire darling of Week 3. Unfortunately, he was faced with a brutal matchup against the Packers’ No. 1 run defense in a game the Lions had to play catch-up for 3.5 quarters. This is a prime post-hype sleeper spot for Washington. After being massive underdogs last Sunday, the Lions are now three-point road favorites. Game flow projects to be in the Lions’ favor, and they’ll also be way up in pace. Detroit is 23rd in offensive pace, and the Bears are sixth
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