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  1. what if the vacationing judge feels usurped by some "guy" ruling in her stead, so she bounces back with an opposite ruling just to be contrarian, and to make a name for herself? GET YER POPCORN ?
  2. regardless of who (Kelley/Perine) gets burn Monday night, it's a 100% Thompson game ... i think the Carolina RBs had a total of 2 yds rushing last Thursday night, while CMC lit 'em up for 10/100/1 through the air (Cam ran for 70/1). that Philly run D is no joke. still think Rob is easily the guy going forward over Perine, but you'd be better served looking elsewhere this week for either guy.
  3. that's some pi in the sky wishful thinking ... ?
  4. if you really need a win, then no way you make that trade today -Zeke will at least double Muscle Crampsters production this week. i tend to side with the others here who believe yesterday's action in Zeke's favor was a harbinger of things to come ... meaning i think he plays the duration. gl to you, fellow magick foosballer ✌
  5. and don't forget Hyde - gotta think Shanny gon' lean on #28 and his vet presence a smidge more with a green kid at QB - especially facing the likes of Marianelli and Schwartz in the upcoming weeks ...
  6. opposing offenses can run all day vs. Rams and Raiders ... numbers may be skewed a tad as a result.
  7. i think he shows some nice vision and wiggle and bounce - he made chicken salad outta chicken ish on a couple of those runs. he may not be "special" - but he's the most exciting thing in Baltimore - that is a coma inducing "offense"
  8. this kid needs to be fed muchmuchmuch more - he's electric, folks
  9. Alshon has been a combo of Rice/Moss/AB compared to Coop ok, Norman still sittin' for the Washington Indigenous Peoples ... fireworks on Monday Night, really looking forward to many Jeffrey points incoming.
  10. Julio has never been a huge red zine/goal line guy, either, just for spits and giggles. people always just assume those taller guys will win every fade/jump ball that's lobbed, but it's really not that easy, lest each team would have a Manute Bol-like freak on the active roster. ??
  11. yes. i plan on playing him right up through St. Patrick's Day ?? i'm all in with this foo' ?
  12. as per the reall NFL hierarchy, if the Maras and Rooneys are happy with Goodell, then he stays. any NFL exec is merely a puppet of those two robber- baron clans. ?
  13. did i miss something here? is he still not practicing?
  14. that rat bast___ Big Ben was suspended 6 games for the growing sexual assault allegations, yet never charged/convicted by the "law"
  15. good call - man, totally whiffed here - forgot about that dude entirely (no, i'm not a Jay Gruden alias) ?
  16. interested to see who the Colts call in/up to take that RB spot Turbin vacated - will tell us a whole lot about what they really think of Mack.
  17. i'm a stones throw away from that jernt (i'm down the Seaport right now) - lovely facility, nice Irish judge ?? EDJUDICATE, Laddy ?
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