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  1. both him & Henny getting nicked thus far - tough sledding up there
  2. full stop. don't even come in here with such ridiculousness. ADP, Charles, Foster, Marshawn, CJ2K, Shady, Gurley, Zeke were all much better pure runners, without a doubt. not to mention cats from the latter part of Bell's career, like King Hendry & Barkley & Kamara. you wanna pump up his compiled stats? coolio. ... but please pump the effin' brakes on the hyperbole of him being best "pure" runner. FULL. STOP. ๐Ÿ›€
  3. that's all great n' Jim Dandy, podner ... but it still doesn't jive you describing Julio in terms we use for streamers ๐Ÿค  ๐Ÿค”
  4. i cited Bell's best numbers season, the one that was his last in Pittsburgh - the one everyone thought he EARNED the right to be a BISHop from. i honestly have zero effs to give otherwise. i'm not here to wash his jock with you, son ... the cat is a knob, and a step above "plodder"
  5. why is that an issue? nobody is drafting him to be a streaming WR, i assure you. he's plug n' play ... no guesswork involved - if he's active, you start him. eazy, peazy.
  6. ... just for comparision sake - as i pointed out earlier- Bell needed 406 touches in '17 to hit 1946 total yds, 11 TDs ... Gurley, that same year, had 2093 total yds, on 343 touches, and 19 TDs. so, 63 less touches, but 153 more yds, and 8 more TDs. Bell was a volume hog. case. closed. he can now go smoke and "rap" and jet ski and get fat to his heart's content ... hey, L'ev: DON'T LET IT HIT YA WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YA! ๐Ÿค 
  7. even in his absolute prime he needed ridic volume to hit lofty heights (406 touches to manufacture 1,946 yds in '17). never a breakaway threat or a big TD guy - simply a product of being force fed on an offense with 2 HOF caliber cats easing defensive pressure. did he compile numbers? sure ... but very over-rated, talent wise. good riddance to this shim ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. Jalen Hurd WR, SFO - ya like Samuel & Aiyuk? well, this kid is even more physical and beastly when healthy and out there burying a foo' like he just slapped his momma. it's a yuuuuuuge gamble what with the propensity to get nicked if the wind blows the wrong way, but that's the price ya pay when you're this freakish. Rondale Moore WR, 'Zona - a team wif quite a few glaring needs elsewhere decided to snag a WR in the 2nd rd ... tells ya a ton about dรซr Kliffster's juice on this kid - take that fwiw. anyways, a powerful lil' pocket rocket (KYLER LOOKS TALL NEXT TO
  9. the annual Shanny "musical chairs" has literally started ...
  10. they average roughly 37 rushes per game thus far in the LJ era. the LJ/Bus totes are remarkably consistent - there is avg of 19 per game between those two ... which leaves 18 on the table. toss in a few misc carries by Hill, FB, etc ... that leaves about 14 attempts left over for Private Dobbs. that would slot him in the vicinity of 240 carries this year, all things being equal ... there are 72 vacated carries from the Ingram departure to account for - Dobbs had 134 last year whilst getting the tootsies wet and developing trust from the staff. so, let's extrapolate those
  11. .... maybe it was Bus (or Hill) on an option ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜
  12. that's a classic "HOSPITAL BALL" ๐Ÿฅ if i ever saw one. if LJ hangs him out to dry like that when the real ammo starts flying, well ... no bueno. i wish this kid all the best, but Gus/LJ will cap him juuuuuuust enough to be no more than an RB2 when it's all said & done. ๐Ÿ›€
  13. Urban Meyer. Trevor Lawrence. Travis Etienne. Even Tim Tebow. These are the names and faces that have dominated headlines when it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars over the course of the offseason, but one notable name is missing from the national hype machine: Laviska Shenault. Shenault, the No. 42 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, battled through some injuries and an inefficient role in the Jaguars' offense to still put up some of the best numbers of any rookie receiver last year. The former Colorado human highlight reel machine flashed over and over again as a rookie and is poised f
  14. with D.K. and Lockett to tussle for targets with? dunno how that's a more exciting fit, St. Russel >>> Tennyhillz notwithstanding. can't get on board with that.
  15. 144/723/6 last season, has averaged roughly 140/720 in his 3 years wif the HarBags. second banana behind Dobber, third option when factoring in Lamar, sure - but a steady cat who answers the bell when called on ... kid grinds it out, rarely see him stuffed or tossed for a loss ... he moves forward. always. not a prolific pass catcher, but that's not necessarily the sttength of this offense to begin with ... he is simply as advertised: a bulldozer who is fed, and trusted, by one of the most prolific running squads in the gig. Roman constantly stresses how he wants a committe
  16. PFF is All in!1111!!!11! FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY - if ya got a problem with this, bust out yer crayons and attack THEM snacks in the foyer ... show starts 12 weeks.
  17. flipside of this, of course, is that Goof grew so exceeedingly bad at grasping the intricacies of dรซr wรผnderkind McVay's offense (especially after the Hoodie/Patricia undtessing down in N'awlins) that he relied on ol' Loving Kupp too, too much as his safety blanket. ya know, like that incel Linus. so this lofty projection of ypurs could just be ... Peanutz. the (once chubby) kid Stafford even looks like Peppermint Patti ... aaannnd away we go ๐Ÿ›€
  18. oh ... nononononoNO very well played, CPO โœŒ that one's on me, chap - i am now perma-banning myself from this thread as punishment. looks like i am in horrific preseason form here - dreadful. we out this BISHop.
  19. ooooh, baby ... hey, knock Goof all ya want, but he loved him sum Kupp - until it runneth over (see whut i did thar?) i dig this cat's chops, no doubt ... but who's to say he develops that same kismet with (the once very chubby) kid Stafford? methinks you aim a tad too high, mate ... but i lurve the flag plant. ๐ŸŽณ
  20. AJ can go 3/70 and equal that, and also provides a ceiling those cats cannot touch. kinda flawed here, CPO Sharkey ... i'm not seeing this at all ๐Ÿค”
  21. faiir enuff, and this would be better served in the Titans thread proper, but ... the reason i said the conference was stacked is because there is no legit powerhouse - all those trams have their share of weaknesses, as well - good teams, not great. all on preseason paper, of course ... but the addition of Julii does serve notice - all spec at this point, but i will be backing this one where it counts the most: ๐Ÿ’ฒ my wallet ๐Ÿ’ฒ
  22. i love how they decided to push the chips into the middle of the table ... serves notice to a very stacked AFC that the organization realizes the window is wide open for them - they were a viable contender prior to, now you gotta consider them the favorite. i really believe KC takes a step back this year, and will be challenged by the Chargers for the division. the Bison and Ravens look to be most formidable ... then you have squads like the Dolts, Stillers, Fish, Brownies - all who could surprise with the right breaks. (well, scratch the Stillers kinda - Tomlin's a knob)
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