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  1. Booker profiles closest to Gallman ... my money would be on him turning in some reasonably decent ppr outings in the event of a Barkley disaster.
  2. this ain't the NBA ... no "load management" allowed - each game is crucial to them setting up potential home field advantage throughout the playoffs. if he rolls outta bed, he plays. REPEAT: THIS IS NOT THE NBA
  3. ... KoolAid's pants are already messed from Julio coming over, ARod joining in might seriously harm the chubby sumbee.
  4. put me in the "rising tide lifts all boats" camp 🏕 think of how many possessions will now be elongated because Tennyhillz is gifted the best WR duo in the gig ... oh, and there's also that pesky King Hendry chap ya'll might've heard of ... team record for points scored, TDs, wins, TD passes, etc. INCOMING. scorched effin' earth. AJ will feast.
  5. fixed, because the middle of the field will now be Firky's playpen. ⛪
  6. ... and, unlike last year, his ADP will not be indicative of having to draf him for his ceiling - absolutely in convo for best bargain heading towards our magick foosball draft shennanigans and monkey shines ... yes, plz 🦃
  7. they will never eliminate his designed scampers ... foolish to even posit that. - but i'll play devil's advocate on a scale back ... he averages exactly 10 rushes per game thru his career (482 over 48 reg season games). i'd guess 7 per are designed, the other 3 are him creating on the fly. so, if they cut his designed rushes in half, that's still 3.5 avg per game ... keeping the 3 improvised rushes, that comes to 6.5 per. 6.5 ×17 = roughly 110 rushes.
  8. Bell was no stopwatch buster, either ... you could count the number of his 40+ yd runs with only 2 fingers. his last full year with the Stillers he amassed over 2k total yds, but it took 400+ touches. that, my friends, is FAR from "explosive" ... he was a volume hog, pure and simple. Njorl will be given every opportunity to assume that role - what's not to love here? PS - if you ascertain that i'm predicting a 400 touch/2k season ... well - go smoke sum more 🦃 🛀
  9. i see him finishing top 12, Cleats ... lot has to break right, but i think a bountiful chemistry will develop with Lawrence ... i'm gobbling Chark up everywhere i can. this offense will produce.
  10. folks at the back of the first can take BOTH.
  11. love it. look, when you're gonna plant a frickin' flag, aim to plant it on Everest, ya hear? no mamby/pamby, wishy-washy pearl clutching here ... take the stand, man that freakin' hill - and hunker the eff down!1!!!1! no balls, no magick foosball glory - love the conviction, regardless of outcome.
  12. think ya gotta go to the pizza man himself for explanation
  13. yeah, when i said drafted as a wr2, i was thinking more in the back end ... like wr21-24 range ADP - of which i do think he'll easily surpass. Michael Thomas was the first guy he mentioned 🤔
  14. getting away from the facacta formatting above ... i expect a big bounce back season for the kid - that offense has the potential to yield some very decent magick foosball stats - if it all clicks - what does MJJ deliver? what kinda leap does Hasta LaViska make? can St. Etienne help spread the field enough? TEBOW!!1!111!1!!!1 we also got young JRob on hand to grind some tough yds out when needed, and to plow fools when also needed. the ingredients are certainly here for an exciting offense. ol' Charkie is great value for 2021 ... hell, i'll call him a vital cog on 'chip
  15. prized rookie QB, contract year ... called out by HC - whaddya say? Jaguars coach Urban Meyer says he was not a fan of DJ Chark’s size when he first got to watch the receiver on film. “I just didn’t like his size. His strength, I just thought, was way below average, way below what we expect from our receivers, and he was told that,” Meyer said, via ESPN. “He’s a big guy that played little last year, and that can’t happen. Guys like [Saints WR] Mike Thomas and [former Florida and NFL WR] Louis Murphy are those big, strong, fast receivers, and he’s got to play big and strong.”
  16. would be sooooooooooo much more impressive if he just darted outta bounds while being clocked at 4.33, rather than bamboozle those would-be fools ... 🤠
  17. HYPE TRAIN, MEET PENELOPE PITSTOP! (good point, i just meant it in the "whodathunkit?" sense). yes. i'll set it at 1,007 - the extra game helps.
  18. Ertz likely (hopefully) heading to the Bison. i'll be waiting on Goedert for as long as i can ... if not, there's always Firkmeister or K(er)met. but, yeah ... this kid is poised for that breakthrough campaign - just don't wanna pony up too much. best case scenario is that he morphs into an Andrews like groove ... 🤔 that make sense? Bueller? anyone? Darren Waller??!?!? WHAT, NO WAY. 🚕
  19. THIS SEASON'S JROB 💃 hop on, or you'll be shining my shoes ...
  20. don't think "committee" is what we're saying is on the table here ... but Lynn will rotate cats in n' out at his whimsy. we all know Swift is the superior talent in the room, but ol' JWill does many things "well" - he's no world beater by any stretch, but a grizzled chap like the new OC may show a penchant for using him just enough to thwart Swifty Lazar from reaching magick foosball elite #s. dunno wtf is up wif the Gurley courtship ... i suffered watching him crawl for the Filthy Boids last year - biggest caveat if he does make the roster will be possibly assuming gl duties ... we
  21. i cannot edit the above for whatever reason ... but i forgot to include Pruitt - Titans TEs in 2020: 85/884/11. 🎂
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