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  1. i can dig it ... one from Column A, one from Column B 😎 i'm certainly not in here to knock ol' Swirvin ... just higher on the Firkmeister. btw, Tennessee TEs went for 80/835/9 last year ... right up in the '20 Vikings wheelhouse - they are very close, but my gut says Frisky. 🐈
  2. Firkser the Cat, baby ... bargain basement pluck for the patient TE cabal out there - he'll eclipse Irv's #s this season, of this i am quite certain - i'll be buying everywhere i can get my mitts on him. 🐈 🏈 🤴
  3. my pony analogy will come to fruition ... bet him next time out at 8/1 and cleaned up - his value was incredible, and i pounced ... similar to ol' CEH right'chere this season. oh, and Watt? Clyde had more carries inside the 5 that series than the rest of the season IN TOTAL. but, yeahhhhh - i'm sure you're right - the opening night stuffing had absolutely nothing to do with it. 🍰 🤔 🌮
  4. there's no such thing as a sure thing .... but, CMC. is.
  5. Irv Cross, with frozen snot bubbles on the set of NFL Today ("you are looking live at the frozen tundra of Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota!!1!!!111!"), is about as close to an Irv i wanna associate with the Minnesota professional tackle foosball squad. Phyllis George in furs at the same remote locale, don'tcha know 💃 (not quite VENUS ... apologies, Lou). save your money here, and wait for Firkser.
  6. Bobby Bonilla Eddie Lee Whitson Carmelo Anthony David Dinkins Giorgio Chinaglia Larry Csonka ... and now, Kenny Golladay. do with this info what thou will do without this info.
  7. Firkser top 5 TE if Julio takes his talents to Beale St. (ok, that's in Memphis, but Tennessee is a wide enuff net, no?) 🍭
  8. careful how you slide, Clyde/all you did was glide ... and you poured your beer in me hat keep my good eye on the beat/and livin' on Fixation street/i ain't got no time for that ... HEY!!1!!1!1!! many years ago there was a much ballyhooed 2 yr old colt, he was coming out of one the best barns in the gig, and his pedigree was superlative - mofo was bred to dominate fools on the big time racing ovals all about the US of A. i happened upon this cat my first weekend at Saratoga ... entered in a baby race, amongst a group that wpuld be better suited to chasing butterflie
  9. hi kids ... i consider myself a betting man, which loosely translates into one step from degen/skid row because i have a family i would move heaven and earth to support comfortably. ... lest i'd be out there plunking coin on any number of random chicanery, like bum fights ... or presedential elections. but, i digress - ya know what i look for most when i slam down ducats on an event/person/animal? A RIDE. A GOOD AND HONEST RENDERING OF SAID EVENT/COMPETITION FROM MY MUSE. gimme a shot ... work hard for my effin' money - ACT LIKE IT'S YOURS!!1!1111!1!!!1!1!11! how
  10. TITAN TF UP!!1!!1!1!!1! 🤴🍻📈‍🤴🥃☠🤴
  11. "Mr. Robinson, i have King Hendry on line one ... "
  12. guy's working OT, yo! >> Kelvin Benjamin is expected to be among the tryout players at this week's rookie minicamp for the New York Giants. And he'll be there at a new position: Tight end. Benjamin, the No. 28 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, was drafted by Giants general manager Dave Gettleman with the Carolina Panthers, for whom he played wide receiver. <<
  13. think the Kerryon flirting had more to do with the backups on the roster, because Flo & Co. certainly weren't gonna count on KJ to assume any kinda heavy usage gig ... ol' Gascan still standing.
  14. he was quite dependent on splash plays augmenting his stats to a level that can be harder than the average lead back to maintain. not to knock his talent, because the kid is explosive ... but he's not/never was/isn't going to be a workhorse kinda cat ... with the high(er) volume guys you know the splash plays are inevitable because they are fed accordingly ... but counting on ol' Standish here to ring up doozy numbers on less touches than the big dawgs is troubling ... unless you see him as Jamaal Charles incarnate ... then i can see investing heavily. i don't. but i'll ente
  15. he's an honest enough grinder who seems to have the most important trait of all measurables: faith in his ability from the organization.
  16. fixed. Kyler had TEN rushing TDs thru those 10 weeks, but only ONE thru the final 6.
  17. ... next thing ya know he'll be shaving, and asking for the car keys!!1!!!1!111!1 THEY GROW UP SO FAST 😒
  18. i don't think anybody considers Tomlin to be a running game savant ala Shanny ... matter of fact, i'd be shocked if that post turtle even knows how to call plays. in my post i said the Ben factor and the o-line woes are baked in caveats to snagging this chap in magick foosball drafts ... and that the ONE thing Moosh Mouf Mike (aka "Teflon Tomlin", aka "Marble Mouth Mike") does well is ride a TALENTED cat damn near into the sod. how anyone construes that as him being a RB whisperer is beyond my grasp 🤔 he just mumbles to the OC "uhhh ... we ... uhhh ... have the ... uhh ... uh
  19. Cleetz, meet coin - coin, meet Cleetz ...
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