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  1. ahhhh, yes - the ol' ~REAL LEEGS WON'T SLEEP ON THIS GUY YOU RUBES!!1!111!1!11!~ we get it. i never once claimed to be unearthing a nugget that would both mystify and baffle - simply said i'm high on the cat, perhaps higher than most. depending on my draft slot, and what i choose to strategize outta said draft slot, i'll prolly be the one reaching. i've won quite enough over the years to not give one shaved rat's nutsack about perceived "value", etc - i construct my squads around chaps i wanna have ringing me up pernts every week, not in where they "should" or "shouldn't" b
  2. Les Steckel in the house? 🥃
  3. i'm right there with ya, horsey. i will reach for this kid - JRob done me solid last year, but i can't help but seeing St. Etienne getting min. 210 touches (167 carries, 43 recs.) i'm all over that for an explosive kid - a kid who can "make his own shot", so to speak .... hell, i might be that guy with both St. Etienne & NJorl's Saga. i am always the first to pounce on the rooks ... has done me well lo over my long and somewhat quasi/almost/kinda/sorta/borderline illustrious magick foosball career.
  4. fixorated. ... think you forgot Mike Davis. 🦘
  5. they cannot trade him 'til June, as per cap/contract, iirc 🤔
  6. that's fair enough ... as i said, i'm quite ok with drafting ETN in a 12 team ppr and tossing him in flex for the year ... did it with KHunt last year, feel like i'll get better production in '21. i guess what i meant by enough volume for J-Rob is 10 touches per ... don't wanna see him totally evaporate - no concerns about Hyde's usage at all. i am a believer in ETN. big time.
  7. how do you feel about getting the Slim Reaper, instead? Iggles had to move up, so they felt Davonta had to be grabbed before the Jints plucked him.
  8. not a fan of this landing spot at all ... but what can ya do? gotta play it where it lays. i will be gobbling up as many shares as possible in ppr - his explosiveness cannot be contained for long, quite capable of having week winning outings, imo - would have no qualms inserting as flex and watching the wheels go 'round and 'round. worst part is the dirty done to J-Rob ... but that kid's nothin' if not a fighter - hope he is given enough volume to build on last year's success.
  9. love this spot for this kid - go get 'em!
  10. i'm not as sold on Cookies as most, but ol' Negghead gets another shot to reboot this shebang - Cookies will be a better fit for the system than $$$$ ~Money effin' Mitch~ $$$$, of that i am quite certain. genius time finally hittin' Chi-town? this is a gift for all involved - for now. 🫁
  11. split it down the middle, production wise - citing the Raihhhduuhhhzz '19 o-line being better than current Stillers iteration. we take it.
  12. man, if Davis will be all that's left standing for the Dirty Boids - i'm IN ppr gold, Jerry ... GOLD! Pitts will help open up the middle of that field like succulent green bovine pastures for ol' MD here. very excited if this pans out for him ... im'ma steal this foo'
  13. Miles Standish the Slim Reaper Prince Reagor Waiting for Goedert Everybody Hurts Mr. Julie Ertz the Fulgham Brush Man what could possibly go wrong here? 🤔
  14. yes, i addressed that up in my post prior to the one you quoted - we simpatico, brutha ✌ - expecting a rookie magick foosball campaign greater than CEH is not a stretch ... nor would it be a stretch to say it will be greater than JRob's - i'm thinking more along the lines of fellow Saban alum Jacobs - so let's slot N'Jorl's Saga right in the middle of those 3 - and that's an RB1 no matter how ya slice it. i'll plant this flag and go down with the ship, or steal a 'chip - one never knows, do one?
  15. THIS. Anthony Lynn is Teflon Tomlin who wasn't bequeathed the finest run organization in the gig complete with a SB winning seasoned roster.
  16. the Slim Reaper (how could ya NOT wanna spec a cat dubbed that) gonna fatten up on some Philly Cheez Steaks - expect a David Boston like transmogrification, heavy on whey - extra onions on the Iggles trade up, to boot. he will fatten up to a robust 175, then work it all off chasing down those Hurts rainbows ... then pack it all on again - this will rinse/repeat 'til he gets his own shoe line - then i would expect the Boston-like blowup to commence in full. i just hope he doesn't get the Barry Bonds bobble head dome - ayfkm? The Slim Reaper? how can ya not?
  17. yes ... my posit was a tad more on the facetious, if not didactic, side 😁 HITCH IT TO HARRIS '21!
  18. i snagged Hunt in the 5th last year and was ecstatic - especially after owning Chubb in '19 and watching KH sink the back end of the season for ol' Nick. and he was just one Chubb injury away from possible overall rb1 status, amirite? ok. Chubb missed 4 games, Hunt did the following as top dawg, weeks 5-8: 20/72/0, 3/21/1 vs Dolts 18/40/0, 2/17/0 @Stillers 18/76/0, 3/26/1 @der Büngles 14/66/0, 2/7/0 vs da Raihhhduhhuzz so we got 70/254/0 on the ground, 10/71/2 thru the air. 80 touches for 325 yds and 2 TDs ... without a doubt one of the bigger bu
  19. i love St. Etienne ... but, man - in Jax? 'dabloodyfook is that in aid of? WHY THEY GOTTA DO MY J-ROB SO DIRTY!1?!!1?
  20. this went as was widely speculated, so no big surprise - unlike the kid St. Etienne. but, man ... Ben's one banana peel away from a gurney, and the o-line leaves much to be desired - where's Villenueva? 🤔 but ol' Teflon Tomlin (aka "Marble Mouth Mike", aka "Moosh Mouf Mike") does one thing, and ONLY one thing very well - and that's hitch to his hoss. hell, we are a couple seasons removed from Conner flirting with top 5 status 'til the injuries hit ... the line was much more intact, but point is made. even when Bell sat out we saw DWill get fed 'til he puked top 5 m
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