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  1. you can dizzy and jazz it up all you like, but a proven commodity like Hock is not a "breakout" ... kid's easily regarded as top 2nd tier - case closed.
  2. Tony Polaroid bags a hat trick of tugs, as Zeke is once again deployed as a 6th lineman. David Carr riddles the Stillers for 400/4 - Teflon Tomlin looks more befuddled than usual, if that can even be imagined. St.Russel slaps Gerald Everett on the sidelines after he steps in front of DK to prevent the latter's 3rd TD of the day. Matt Ryan runs for his ever loving life afternoon, and winds up leading the Falcons in rushing with a robust 11 yds. Trey Sermon whiffs on a blitz assignment, leading to a humongous hit on Girrafalo πŸ¦’- this leads to Lance/Mitch finishing the game and scoring twice each. Kyler frustrates Zimmer so much with his scrambling that it leads to ol' Zim pulling a Teflon Tomlin, tripping the mighty mite as he scampers up the Vikes sideline ... Kliffy throws his visor in Zim's general direction. πŸ‘™
  3. not only that, but calling Hock a "breakout" is a big reach - he was widely viewed as the smart pick out of that 2nd tier (Hock, Mandrews, Pitts), and he has a proven resumΓ© in this leeg - kid's legit. Pitts troofers (like myself) notwithstanding, Hock was highly regarded by the magick foosball community - far from a "breakout" - btw, in the 3 leegs i have Pitts, Hock was taken prior to him in 2 of them πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  4. i recall him missing a game or two with an ankle injury ... think he was bitten on it 🚽
  5. what in the name of Sam effin' Hill does Wilson have to do with starting Elijah this Sunday? as far as Hasty ... he was there last week, too, after MostHurt went down - plz get back to me on his touch total. and Sermonite? he was gonna factor in sooner or later, we all knew this - so you are not exactly breaking any ground with that caveat.
  6. ok ... soooooo Sermonite "GOT THE MESSAGE!!1Β‘1!Β‘1111!" cool. duly noted. but what about ol' Mitch here? ya don't think THIS kid got the message that Sermonize got the message? never discount the hungrier cat who rose above his pay grade and blew the doors off last week - these are teammates, yes - but competitors within the framework of said team - for the same starring role. Mitch has that chip ... lower draft capital, ignored all exhibition season while we heard that Sermon was gospel - the fire burns in Elijah ... he "got the message" too: GO. WIN. THAT. JOB. OUT. PLAY. THAT. NUMB. NUTZ. FROM. THE. EHH-HIGH-YA. STATE. πŸ‘š
  7. one of the more bizarre (yet predictable?) career arcs of recent memory ... and i'm not just talking about run o' the mill ham & eggers who got derailed so many times - this kid was arguably second only to 'Reek in gamebreaking speed at the wr position lo these past few years. him & Watski-san once struck fear in those bastids across the line - it's no more than a memory now πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ ol' Willy Fully ... it's twisted. πŸ“½
  8. 20 snaps. 4 touches. 69 Yds. we covered this upthread HTH πŸ₯Œ
  9. McClaurin cashed first half TD at +310 for $1,025 ($250 out) missed in the second half ($250 out at +300 - wpulda been $1,000) so - $500 in, $1,025 cashed. that was a dunkeroooooo ...
  10. bUt mUh eKElEr dOeSn'T sCoRE eNuFf tOUcHdowNS πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  11. Vikes have a banged up secondary heading into this one ... Kyler played out his COTdamn mind last week, best he's ever looked as a professional tackle foosball qb. i just want an explosive piece of this offense, which ranks right close to the Chiefs/Bucs/Rams - gimme moar, Moore!
  12. yes, i recall the dreaded "plodder" tag being applied ... Wiscy rb alum just don't have that pizzazz folks drool over. anyways, rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  13. i am Romobot, thank you for your mention of the erstwhile #9
  14. the world needs to see more of this kid ... i know every time i get to see him in live game action i come away asking myself why i faded him in drafts lo these past couple seasons. he cashed a big prop for me last night, to boot ... that will get one an appearance from me in their thread fo' sho' enjoy the ride, fellas ... he looks to be qb proof (unless it's dΓ«r Fitzy). πŸ₯Œ
  15. kid bagged me $1025 already ... anuddah one in the 2nd half, and it'll be $2025 on $500 layout. but i'm already doubled up regardless ...
  16. the bajillionaire winner tonite will have both Patterson & Booker in their lineup. πŸ¦„
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