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  1. I think I'd roll Murray this week. Looking at the matchup on paper, ATL has been terrible against the pass. Will want to check on Christian Kirk but without Hollywood, Lamar could struggle a little.
  2. I would say Fuller in a likely shootout.
  3. Rough week with byes and injuries this week so looking for a flex in a PPR league. Options: Brandin Cooks against a good secondary Auden Tate...yeah... Adrian Peterson...possible resurgence against terrible defense and coaching change Also have Latavius Murray should Kamara sit
  4. Smith this week. WIlson should still use his legs for 50ish yards especially with the passing game likely to struggle. Wilson has limited upside this week where Smith has a lot of potential. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687546-need-help-with-rbflex-ppr-whir/
  5. Morris and Dion Lewis. Morris has helped make the offense less one dimensional in Dallas. Lewis is a risky play but even though the patriots have been using multiple RB each game, they have all been effective. Henry is still the RB2 to Murray so will be limited upside while Perine could be taken out of action if Rivers gets the Chargers to a quick start.
  6. Coleman with Martin back in the mix. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687546-need-help-with-rbflex-ppr-whir/
  7. I like Drake and Bernard. Bernard will get all carries with Mixon out and Drake helps in the passing game and lord knows the Patriots will be ahead the whole game. Perine for me could take a back seat if Rivers continues to dominate as of late and the Redskins find themselves playing from behind. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687546-need-help-with-rbflex-ppr-whir/
  8. I need to choose two RB and 1 Flex. RB: Alvin Kamara (no brainer here), Demarco Murray (hell no), Gio Bernard (no Mixon Likelyz0, Tevin Coleman (saints still suck at rush defense) WR: DeAndre Hopkins and Golden Tate (two starters), Martavis Bryant, Chris Hogan, Amari Cooper (likely out) I am thinking using Kamara and Bernard at RB with Coleman in flex but any help would be appreciated!!
  9. I think I'd actually go Kamara with the track meet to ensue. The way Hunt tore NE apart, Kamara could do the same. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667306-which-3-wr-to-start-ppr-whir/
  10. So...have a little bit of a WR problem in PPR league. I need to start 3 of the following: Amari Cooper (No brainer start) DeAndre Hopkins (Cincinnati on a short week?) Golden Tate (Back in the slot and profiting) Chris Hogan (No Ammendola and facing the saints D that allowed 7 passes over 20 yards on Monday)
  11. I don't think you go for the trade yet. Take a chance on some of the waiver wire targets this week. The trade will be available likely later on as well. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/666729-which-3-wr-to-start-whir/
  12. I think Clay from Buffalo will be a wepon this year with the lack of pass attack in Buffalo until Z Jones and Jordan Matthews get on the same page. I wouldn't target any of the QBs listed. I feel like they all had one week flukes. Bradford and Smith have never had a better game in their career. I am big on Cohen and Kamara and think that those two can be a huge addition in PPR format. Kupp is going to finish top 25 in my opinion in PPR format...just look at the chemistry after week 1. Good luck and please see mine: http://forums.rotow
  13. I worry his usage and as a saints fan since they were the Aints, I have a feeling they will drop or trade him. Too much of a distraction with the rookie in NO on the rise. You could try trading him but I doubt you'll get much for him. Lots of good back on the wire after week one and might be worth picking one and flushing him.
  14. I think you should drop Gore in PPR format and pick up either Cohen, Buck Allen or Kamara. Carson might be too one dimensional but the three I listed will probably get you 3-5 points alone just by catches per week. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/666729-which-3-wr-to-start-whir/
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