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  1. Should I drop Texans for any of the below options: Browns Bengals Ravens Titans First 3 weeks they have been underwhelming so far.
  2. Bump, anyone? Bad idea to start Houston against Pats?
  3. Drop Houston for Patriots or Hold? Can’t stash on bench given 14 team league.
  4. I was underwhelmed with Hundley. Beathard seemed a tad bit better but none of these guys are stashworthy in my opinion (I am in a 14 team 1 QB league where QBs are scarce)
  5. Still noodling over this, drop Hundley for Beathard? (Sorry know this is most suited for Assistance coach forum but want perspective from folks who are on Beathard bandwagon)
  6. Smallwood vs M Mack vs Powell in standard league?
  7. Not 1 person in this thread mentioned how you stack Beathard against Hundley who is also a pretty significant option to stream at QB? Given the weapons around him I am starting him over Beathard (Watson owner). Am I just missing the boat on Beathard?
  8. I grabbed McFadden and 2 mins later another league mate got Morris, hoping I made the right call.
  9. I have Desaun Watson who has been great, but has a bye in week 7. Giants face the Seahawks that week and with the depleted receiving corps I am considering dropping Eli. WW options: B Hoyer (vs Cowboys) <------- Hit or miss Bortles (vs Colts) <--------------- Mr unpredictable Brissett (vs Jags) <--------------- bad bad matchup Bradfort (vs Ravens) <----------- Injury Flacco (vs Min) <------------------ bad matchup, unreliable Who is my best bet? Don't think keeping Eli is a option.
  10. L Murray for sure, avoid the crowded Seattle backfield until its clear who leads it.
  11. McKissic could be the lead back in Seattle, don't believe in Aaron Jones hype train. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674444-drop-derrick-henry/
  12. Unsure if its already late for you, I would start Theilen. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674444-drop-derrick-henry/
  13. Thielen. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674444-drop-derrick-henry/
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