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  1. and the clippers in the standings are pretty goood since hes been a regular starter? ill take that anyday plus the potential upside after the all star break. as everyone says, sky is the limit but right about now.....looking pretty good, in a 12 team league and pretty happy wwith the waiver add aha
  2. im done with this guy...at least for the forseeable future. the sixers are trying to make playoffs again...they most likely are just show casing fultz good spots to trade him. i have colin sexton as well and hes a better "stash"...hes on a cavs that is now 0-3....most likely a lottery team..or they might barely make the 8 seed cuz its the east lol Shai Alexander is my other hold and even though the clippers are pushing for playoffs...doc rivers is actually utilizing this kid to close out games. my league also has will barton and kris dunn on the waiver wire since they were dropped (we have no IR spot) its Overtime and this fultz guy gets ZERO minutes in OT....again no ben simmons.
  3. im in a points league so.....lets go TRAE YOUNG!
  4. i think im gonna do it..drop jrich for simmonnnns?!? stash at ur own risk...........im probably gonna hold rich for just ONE more week..hopefully no one adds simmons this early...its early too eearly...it just had to be...i just know itd be pissed if someone gets simmons before i do....i feel iike i might wait until we get "some or any news" of any report or proggress on his injury/rehab or wahtevers....just like "There is very little available information and absolutely no guarantees regarding the No. 1 pick’s potential return date and it would be nice to receive something—anything—before considering a stash for the stake of stashing." read something interesting today though http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nba/67443/514/mailbag-kemba-for-klay " Question 3: When is the best time to stash Ben Simmons? Obviously much of this depends on whether or not you have an IR spot in your league. First of all—it’s something that is strongly recommended. It allows for another layer of strategy to unfold and is a solid strategy to help prevent artificial inflation on the waiver wire. Secondly, Simmons isn’t currently worth a stash in any format unless you can designate him accordingly. There is very little available information and absolutely no guarantees regarding the No. 1 pick’s potential return date and it would be nice to receive something—anything—before considering a stash for the stake of stashing. Given how the Sixers treat their injured players and the importance of Simmons to the future of this franchise, it’s awfully hard to believe he’s capable of making a legitimate fantasy impact in 2017. "
  5. ANNNNNND that last game was indeed a fluke game..i think the coach did what, pull the starters and stuff? anyways...super nice line tonight..my goodness.....he had a fall and little injury scare there but.....it looks like hes finally adjusted to playing with his team mates, learning spacing and tendencies of his team mates...chemistry...or who knows he just needed his engine to get rev'ed up at the start of the season. big reason why i drafted this guy early. bigger usage , has the chance to be the star of the team (not really, not gonna pull a james harden or anything..but definitely not a jeff green). started shooting 3's...combined with rebounding and blocks? more please and don't stop iblocka STARTERS MIN FG 3PT FT OREB DREB REB AST STL BLK TO PF +/- PTS S. IbakaPF 31 8-13 2-4 1-1 2 6 8 2 1 4 2 3 -8 19
  6. defintely picking up gary harris if i ever get the chance when he gets healthy again.......hes not a rookie anymore and i think hes gonna blossom like Josh Ricahrdson....hes gonna provide the points...3's.....small amounts of boards and sometimes a steal (his defense presence i feel is something not shown on the stat sheet). but the main thing clear was that this kid was getting 35+ mins last year and im sure Denver is fully invested in this guy (despite drafting murray....its a crowded backcourt i know......jameer nelson...mudiay....harrris....barton....murray......chanlder and barton are SG/SF's
  7. fluke game...for the whole team really.. ....he'll be back though...i think he just getting his groove on in my opinion and im hoping my pick is starting to pay off...give me the points...3's....boards...and blocks please one positive is that im HOPING the coach is realizing...he offers the best +/-....starting to see a minutes trending up..and starting to earn the coaches trust...lets go iblocka
  8. HEAT CHECK ANYONE? higher usage rate....HIGHEST +/-.......minutes...oh my lord i hope this aint a fluke and i hope hes finally meshin in
  9. the only posistive i can take is that i should get his "usage" rate is a lot higher maybe? this is only based on the fact that hes taking a lot more shots than usual...the only posistive..but other than that...WHERE ARE THE REBOUNDS AND BLOCK....OMGAAAAD. at least i saw that hes shooting 3's now...AWESOME.....but it looks like all that time training for shooting 3's...he forgot how to rebound and forgot how to block...it seems.....I'm a believer and i feel that since its his first year with the team and all....he'lll develop better cehmistry with the team....and turn it up....buy low lol...*cough sell low
  10. man..i would think this guy would be stoked to leave westbrook and durants shadow and lead a team (and pull a james harden)......expected way too much...guy cant even get you 10 boards a game.....to think this guy used to average 3 blocks in a season....we CALLED YOU IBLOCKA at one point.....do more than just stand there bro cmon.
  11. he did pretty decent yesterday against the cavs...clearly the most efficient player in my opinion in terms of +/-....FG'% and etc. Coach needs to realize they need to have the team revolve around Ibaka =]..and unlease him to the max. But last game was a good sign.
  12. so is this guy starting or not? man...hes on the WW and I dont know if its better to stashhh Josh Richardson from the heat or get Bojan and ride him with Lin running the point. nets need talent and regarrdless of defensive woes...should just name him starter already....i mean..who else do they have? lol Thoughts on this guy? he had a realllly nice run at 2nd half of the sesason last year
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