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  1. The above poster is correct this is definitely a personal preference question and you may got a lot of varying answers. So I'll throw my opinion out there lol. I'd love it for you if you can get Kershaw/Castillo and Whit.
  2. Winker has a higher ceiling I believe but based on what we have seen so far I'm taking Reyes
  3. No problem! As I mentioned above we had an initial 50 round MiLB draft so most of those guys still hanging on were like rounds 38-50 😂
  4. Absolutely. We had an initial 50 round MiLB draft and I've made some major roster moves gutting the farm in the process. I figured my core is extremely young so that should hold in place until I can replenish it through the draft. My farm will definitely lag behind for a few years, though...
  5. Ya I think $5 might not be enough now with the Yates news. I am sure someone will bid big. It depends on your total FAAB budget but I'm thinking you need to bid at least in the double digits.
  6. Reyes is who I'm leaning ATM as well
  7. Like your OF and IF a ton, just have to echo above about the pitching staff. I actually think your hitting will be fairly competitive since you have Soto, Freeman, Bogaerts, Eloy, Suarez, Conforto and Gallo for some power. But your staff will need to be upgraded at some point this year so keep an eye on the WW and see if you can move someone like Gallo for a SP if he starts out hot.
  8. Springer is a definite for me and I'm tempted to say Bohm for #2. But that's just my opinion
  9. I really like Murphy this year and I'd roll with him.
  10. I am dealing with the same but in Fantrax. He should be moved there soon I'd imagine as he is going to start the season on IL. I do not play too many redrafts but with the recent news that he will likely pitch this year I would hold onto him.
  11. Aand I only kept 4. I'd probably also keep Mancini.
  12. Romano for me as well. SD has so many other options.
  13. Lowe Burnes Grisham Taillon TJS aside I'd have replaced Taillon with Thor. Mancini at $3 was also a consideration I just liked the other 4 more. Can see a case for sure of replacing Taillon with Mancini. Perez at $13 just seemed to pricey to me given your other options.
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