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  1. I currently have the Rams D, Detroit cleared waivers, Should I start Lions over Rams this week? Also Gould or Jake Elliott ROS?
  2. How will NE or Carolina D do this year? Thinking of dropping 1, dont need 2 def.
  3. Thanks, replied to your threads. Im on the same page either Jackson, or Bryant. This is week and next week are a must win for me to make it to the playoffs. anyone else?
  4. Id drop McKissic, that backfield is a mess. Booker should feast today against Oak.
  5. Thanks for the help! Id start Murray, but i also think it will be a close game. Tenn defense is not all that great, might abandon the run if playing behind.
  6. I need to bench one player from this list: 0.5 ppr DJax Olsen MBryant C Davis DJax hasn't been getting yards with Fitz, but 2 of his 3 TDs are from him. Olsen is coming back from his injury so Im assuming he will be playing limited snaps MBryant did nothing when he was no 2 WR early in the season, so Im not sure if juju being out will help C Davis, should be a good matchup, but seems like he is all hype.
  7. Would you guys start Newton vs Mia, or Goff vs Hou? I need 2 flex spot filled, 0.5 ppr. Deonte thompson abdullah Doctson Clay Stewart
  8. Near the trade deadline and the ww is barren, im in a 12 team 0.5 ppr deep bench, Matt Breida is on the ww, is he worth to stash?
  9. Hello I was offered Sieman, Aaron jones, and tyler kroft for Alex smith, and Dez or K benjamin. That team lost Rodgers and is currently streaming QB, with McCown this week. I was thinking of keeping dez and giving Kelvin Benjamin. Should I try and unload Jordy Nelson? here is my team: (12 team 0.5ppr 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 2 wrt flex, k, def) Cam, A Smith Jordy, Dez, Alshon, Doctson, Ginn Jr, Lockett, K Benjamin, DeDe Freeman, Kamara, Abdullah, Foreman, Stewart Rudolph Prater Car Def
  10. Thanks, Im not sure if I want to go after hyde or Ajayi based on injury reports. Would McCaffrey be similiar to Hyde and Ajayi?
  11. Thanks for the help! I like Wilson and Ajayi is better than Murray IMO. Seattle always starts slow at the beginning, they are clicking now.
  12. Hey guys, after losing this week Im dropping to 1-4. Im kind of tempted to shop Nelson or Dez Bryant to get a RB, or a wr/rb combo. Could Nelson get me Freeman or a low end RB1 by himself? Only RB on the WW worth rostering is Marlon mack but I doubt I can get him. Ill probably have #3 waiver. (determined by standings) 12 team 0.5 ppr 2 flex spots Ryan, Newton Jordy, Dez, Alshon, Lockett, Lewis, Docston Lynch, Kamara, Foreman, Abdullah, Stewart, Rawls Rudolph M Bryant Car
  13. thanks for the help. I would start both unless there was another option on the WW.
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