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  1. I would go Davis. I don't think Golladay will be able to consistently do what he did yesterday. Help with mine?
  2. Cohen looked good this week. They didn't appear to really want to use Duke. Help with mine?
  3. I have Eric Ebron who disappointed. I can add Fleener right now or wait until waivers and get Clay. With Allen Robinson out I have a spot on my bench open. Which should I add or just stick with Ebron and add another WR?
  4. Diggs is the safer play and Parker has more upside. I would rather have Parker.
  5. I drafted Dalton because I think he will be a QB 1 this season overall. I picked up Palmer on the WW for his first few weeks and a possible stream option if Dalton doesn't work out. Since you have Luck, I would drop Dalton for Palmer. Dalton may just stay on the WW for a couple of weeks and you might be able to pick him back up later.
  6. Abdullah. I believe Mixon will be better later, but right now its Abdullah.
  7. I would go Williams as a stash. I don't like trying to figure out what is going to happen in the Patriots backfield.
  8. I would probably go with Stewart as the safer option until we know how they are going to use Coleman. Coleman has more upside, but he could also do nothing. Second question I would probably go Santos.
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