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  1. Evans, remember Winston has been out the last 3 weeks so his usage is down. It will start to pick back up.
  2. It looks like I am going to win this week which means I made the playoffs. Looking at waivers this week so far a few names that pop out are: Mike Davis, it looks like he is the guy in Seattle. Peyton Barber, I have Martin and Barber looked good which could mean even less use for Martin. Nelson Agholor, I think a lot of his production came because Ertz was out. Josh Gordon, lots of targets, didn't do a whole lot though. Because of roster rules I would have to drop a WR for a WR and a RB for a RB. For WR I would be droping Parker. Also scoring is 1 point per recep
  3. Thoughts now that Montgomery is on IR? I don't need to start this week.
  4. Nothing wrong with the trade. I think you get the better part of the deal, but nothing wrong with it.
  5. I have both and prefer Shepard. But right now with Geno as QB he is not an auto start for me. Parker needs Cutler to produce anything.
  6. I think you go Williams. Who is Gordon? There are a bunch of them.
  7. The problem I have with dropping Martin is I get 1/2 point per rush. So Martin rushing 20 times gets me 10 points. The problem is he is not getting yards and touchdowns. The opposite is true for Ajayi. He only gets 3 points from rushes, but he is getting yards now in Philly.
  8. Brate. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686479-aaron-jones-whir/
  9. Kupp, Morris, and Booker because of Gore's matchup. Normally I would go Gore. And I would go Tyrod.
  10. I would do it assuming you have some good starters without Abdullah.
  11. Jones is available. Is he worth a pickup. I would have to drop a RB because I am only allowed 5 RB's on the roster. Ajayi, Henry, or Martin would be the drop. I need Drake and Duke to start this week. I have to win for a playoff spot.
  12. Tyrod is safer and Dak has more upside. But Dak has been terrible lately. I would go Tyrod.
  13. I would drop Bryant for Coleman. Thanks for the help on mine.
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