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  1. I would stick with Engram. That's who I am starting. '
  2. Keenum vs ATL Taylor vs NE Winston vs GB I am in a must win situation. Most rankings that I am seeing have Tyrod over all the others. I think the NE defense has gotten better so the season long points for the QB against the defense can be a little misleading. And Tyrod has burned me before. I am still a little worried about a possible benching of Keenum if things start not going well. Every week is "we are evaluating the QB situation" coming from coaches. It just doesn't make me feel confident. Winston coming off injury? He has the ability to put
  3. McCown this week. I think you have to go with Dez though.
  4. Taylor has a great schedule. Stafford is pretty stable, but has a tougher schedule.
  5. I don't think you can start Gordon yet. From the rest I would go Evans, Dez, Davis.
  6. Take it. There is some unknown now with Shepard, but he is the #1 WR for the Giants.
  7. What should I do with him? I need to grab a QB and I was thinking about dropping Olsen, but now with a new QB for the Giants I am not sure what Evan Engram's value is now. I have Sterling Shepard and am not sure what his value is now either. I also have DeVante Parker that I would be willing to drop as well. I am looking to pick up Keenum.
  8. I must win to guarantee a spot in the playoffs this week. My team has been falling apart these last couple of weeks. The trade deadline is past so all I can do is use what I have and play the waivers. The first question is who should I start based on what I have? 1 QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, 1 Flex, 1 TE. I am leaning what is in bold assuming they play. 10 Team PPR 1 point per reception, 1/2 point for rush attempt, 1 point for 10 yards rushing, 1 point for 8 yards receiving QB: Jameis Winston vs GB, Andy Dalton vs PIT RB: Jay Ajayi vs SEA, Duke Johnson vs LAC, Doug Martin vs GB,
  9. I would drop Anderson for Rivers and drop Woodhead for Collins.
  10. I would probably drop Burkhead for McKissic, but either are a gamble to start. As far as Stills vs Coleman vs Doctson, I would go with Coleman then Doctson. I only like Stills if Moore is the QB.
  11. Who would you rather have? DeVante Parker or Corey Coleman ROS. I don't need a starter this week since I am pretty good at WR.
  12. I have the same options. Right now I am going with Taylor, Dalton, Keenum. But I go either way as far as Taylor or Dalton.
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