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  1. Well I guess we just have to agree to disagree. I feel Fitzgerald has a drop off this year and Parker out produces him because of the situation. If it's a ppr league maybe it's more balanced, but every year there are a handful of guys that people hold too long because of past success, fitz fits that criteria in my eyes.
  2. You need to work on your delivery then, the punchline was lacking. His rookie year? Ok, yeah it was solid, beyond that he has been just a jag except for last year. My point was that people chase stats, rather than accounting for system and fit. Fitz has been a great WR, one of the best, but the writing is on the wall, mainly because palmer looks old all of a sudden. Pryor on the other hand had a good season last year on a bad team where he was the offense. Anyways, to each their own, I just would rather play the upside and keep Parker at least until he has a great game and then if you aren't h
  3. I would argue that he has crowder, reed, and Thompson to compete with. It's a matter of which offense you think has the potential to be more productive? The dolphins schedule setups better for shootouts than the redskins in my opinion.
  4. Parker and Landry are apples and oranges. Landry makes the tough plays to move the chains, you have to literally think of him as an extension of the running game. Stills is honestly more of a threat to Parkers production, but Parker is the elite talent. Parkers problems the last two years was maturity. They had to show him how to take care of himself as in nutrition and rehab of his body. This year you can see the difference already.
  5. Blount was good on the pats, but where else did he have success? Belichick is the best at putting players in a position to succeed.
  6. I watch preseason specifically to get eyes on guys that are overlooked. It's not the stats you watch, it's the players, are they doing the little things that most fantasy players don't consider. Parker had a great game last week in a game that was played conservative by his own coaches words. You look for trends not stats, just looking at stats is how you end up drafting guys like Blount. Fantasy is all about staying ahead by identifying breakout players before they breakout.
  7. Wow!!! I wouldn't trade Parker for both those guys at all!! Parker is on his 3rd year, that is when the switch turns on for high drafted receivers more often than not. All you had to do is watch the preseason and last week to see Parker is going to tear it up this year. He Mossed a guy in preseason and then did it again last week. You have to look ahead in fantasy, too many people get caught chasing past success rather than looking at the future. Palmer looks bad this year and with DJ hurt that offense is going to struggle, not to mention that Fitz is reaching the end of his great career. I do
  8. As you can see I'm all in on the dolphins offense this year. The defense is better but not great and with their schedule they will be in some high scoring affairs.
  9. It would be a committee between drake and Williams. Drake would be the early down back and Williams the change of pace back
  10. The funny thing is that if he makes that trade and ajayi got hurt this week it still wouldn't be a good trade because he can do better than cooper and Martin. I was just offered mike Evans and Crowell for ajayi this week and turned it down. Workhouse backs are rare in today's NFL and if you have one and he produces at a high level you ride with him all the way unless someone offers you something incredible. Cooper and Martin for ajayi by himself isn't even incredible, and then to throw tyreek in there to? That's an overall downgrade on both positions!
  11. If you want to see what a violent runner looks like you can look on the same team as ajayi and see a prime example, Landry is more of a violent player than ajayi. He doesn't shy from contact and tries to knock the snot out of defenders
  12. Ok? Good luck, just about everyone is trying to tell you why the trade is bad, but you want to make a decision on something that might happen, you are the guys that I love to trade. It's football, everyone might get injured!
  13. Just because he breaks tackles doesn't equate to violent runner? He is tough to bring down but a violent runner is Derek Henry, he runs tall and looks to bowl over people, that's not ajayi at all!
  14. One game into the season and he posts a good game not great and you are selling. Miami has a healthy oline right now and passing game that teams must respect, regret will hit you when he puts up big points this week. You haven't even seen Martin play yet this year and cooper only gets the love over Crabtree because of his name. Crabtree is the top WR in that offense.
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