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  1. PPR league... I've got Crowder, Parker, Sanders, Godwin and Diontae Johnson... but trying to decide between Parker and Crowder. Leaning Parker right now... Parker v NYJ... Looks like Fitz is going to start which helps Parker and the matchup is favorable. Crowder v. well same game .... Darnold is back under center and he loves Crowder. They figure to be behind and should have to throw it a to so this bodies well for Crowder....but Sims and Periman are healthy. Who would you flex? WHIR
  2. I wouldn't do it. Keenan is beastin and that doesn't look like it will end... he's doin monster numbers! If u let him go then ur top WR is Godwin...or Parker and neither have high ceilings. Kamara and Sanders are good RBs and if Mostert returns to form then he'll do numbers too. So I would stand PAT with what u have....u have a good team. Thanks for mine...
  3. Right now I would say Patrick only because Flacco is still the QB for the NYJ this week. Darnold should be back next week and then you can lock in Crowder just on sheer volume. I have him stashed until Darnold comes back. The targets are insane....but for now I would go with Patrick...but just for this week. Little help with mine..
  4. Full PPR league... Who would you start? Sanders is rated pretty high this week but I really don't know... Parker v. NYJ.... Tua has a sore thumb and just and didn't look good last game. Also, the NYJ are terrible and if MIA gets up then the targets won't be there either. Godwin v. KC... KC has a good secondary and there are a lot of mouths to feed on that Tampa team. Sanders v. SEA.... Seattle has a good run defense and PHI just looks terrible right now with the way Carson is playing. I think SEA goes up big in this game and that relegates Sanders to check down duty.
  5. Conner and Harris Conner because PIT should go up well on Jax and the they should ride Conner out Harris - He is eating! And if he finds the endzone u will really be rewarded. HOU isn't strong against the run and that's what NE is leaning on
  6. Ballage v. NJY for me. He's got the job on lock until Gaskin comes back...and he catches too(5 rec for 54 yds). Gibson would be my 2nd choice... but Ballage for me right now. Gamescript should have them up on the NYJ so he should get plenty of work. Thanks for mine
  7. I think you can. Woods is pretty steady and I agree with ur Boyd analysis. Never been in a keeper league so hope this helps. GL!
  8. My bad...don't know how to copy my question. It's basically this.... should I drop AB for Crowder. Leaning on doin it because Crowder gets more volume(once Darnold is back next week) and AB is one of 4 mouths to feed. What u think?
  9. How about ur thoughts on mine... AB or Crowder question?
  10. Agreed... after last week he's gonna be looked to in this one. I just like the certainty of Scary's volume...especially if he finds the endzone. To each his own definitely...that's why we love FF right!
  11. Point well taken but only had 2 catches against ARI. Love him...just not over McLauren this week.
  12. McLauren...volume over possibility. Love DK but he can also be a bit boom bust. Help?
  13. Kupp for sure. Dalton just coming back and Coop wasn't getting numbers even before the injury. Help?
  14. Williams...should get volume against a lesser NYJ defense. If the Cowboys fall behind the Zeke's possibility of scoring decreases (which is very likely). Help?
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