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  1. Sure if you can get Kamara, Zeke, Henry, Aaron Jones, CMC, Dalvin Cook, Miles Sanders, Kareem Hunt (while chubb is injured)... But let's be realistic here. You'd be lucky to get Conner, Jacobs, Mixon, Jrob... You are more likely to get none of the above.
  2. What are you doing here then??? Very questionable choice of use of time, since this forum gives little insight compared to the venerable fanbois foraπŸ€”
  3. Gaskin going to go nuts on deez Jets just to prove Brian Flores wrong
  4. The only guys that don't want Bell as a Chief are CEH owners... wondering why now....😁😁😁
  5. Jeremy Fowler says today. He already cut down the list to from 5 to 3 as well
  6. he is getting paid $6m, regardless what his next contract is for this year. It isn't about money... the guy wants a prominent role, Jeremy Fowler said just as much...
  7. 1.) Buffalo should be last choice. Allen goaline carries. he can't pad his stats 2.) Miami has the worst offense out of the three. can't pad his stats. 3.) Chiefs!!!
  8. I checked Ballage's stats while with the Jets. He got 5 passes in week 3 (???) against the Colts lol... The true meaning of incompetence. Gase and Ballage is like Marley and me... They are meant to be together
  9. Dont think he is protected though. Can always be signed into an active roster
  10. Vegas puts the chiefs at +125... It moved a lot over the day. From the Bears as a favorite to the Chiefs as of last night (when Bovada pulled it off).
  11. Back end of the first round (+5th year option)... 2nd rounder like Derrick Henry (4 years contract with no option)...
  12. It's not the GM per se. Ownership wants to keep him around... Also Gase's incompetence will only help to secure that #1 pick for Trevor Lawrence...
  13. We have the Bell sweepstakes to keep us busy.
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