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  1. The buzz on this guy before this season was whether or not he should be a 1st round draft pick or not. I think unanimously everyone believed he was going to have a monster year after his coach said he was going to be a bell cow and after a couple pre-season games it was clear they wanted to ride him hard this season. I reached for him in the second round of every draft and won 2/3 leagues because of him, 1 standard and 1 PPR. I will definitely take him in the top 5 next year and can only see a handful of guys possibly going ahead of him: Gurley, Saquan, Conner (maybe), and Zeke (ma
  2. Same as above, Coleman because it looks like the targets will even out and Lewis because Tom Brady doesn't seem right and will want to run the ball.
  3. I would say: Foles, Giants are weak against Qbs Howard, As a Lions fan he suck against rbs AJ Green, He's a stud Jamaal Williams, Rogers is just coming back from injury so he won't want to pass all day.
  4. I picked up Bortles and may start him over Brees. Game script scares the hell out of me.
  5. I like all these Fournette votes! I have him and my opponent has Drake this weekend lol.
  6. Hi guys, I'm in the semi-finals in a 1 pt PPR league and was wondering should I start Hill or Gordon this weekend. I also have Chris Hogan and Robbie Anderson.
  7. Man, if you are counting on Hogan tonight to win your matchup in the first round of playoffs then may the gods be with you and I hope Hogan has a monster game and comes through for you. Not only did you likely hold onto him for the past 5 weeks in the hopes he would return in time to make a difference, but you also likely benched safer options in place of him. All of this took massive fantasy balls, which I don't have so I commend you...
  8. The guy that had him in my league started him against me and is out now. Thankfully we can put this guy's frustrating season to rest now. Poor guy is a 2nd round talent stuck in a bad qb situation this season. He'll be back next year, but it was sad to see this guy be healthy yet so irrelevant this season.
  9. I dropped Alvin Kamara after the draft but before week 1 for freaking Kevin White. I think I scooped him up last year as well.
  10. I have to start him. I have Fournette, Hunt, and Howard as my rbs. Until a few weeks ago, rb was my position of strength and now they all have problems lol. I am going to play Hunt over Howard based on match-up and the fact that Howard is equally as trash as Hunt.
  11. Hard to say, haven't even seen Gordon play yet, but at this point in time Flash has more value just based on his availability. There is no guarantee Hogan comes back this season, but if you have him you may as well just hang onto him. I would rather have the promise of a healthy Chris Hogan than guys like Corey Davis or Dede Westbrook. Hogan plays with the GOAT qb and has shown he is a fantasy wr2 when healthy.
  12. I'm benching him too. Usually I start Jordan Howard as flex, but I'm bumping him to rb2 and am gonna flex Robbie Anderson. I'm already in the playoffs so I would rather have Hunt blowup on my bench then see him suck the life out of my starting lineup.
  13. I picked Jamaal Charles 1st two years ago and he was doing great until he blew out his knee. Last year I snagged him in the 4th round as my sleeper and he played 1 game before shutting it down. I was burned twice by him and again this year by Hunt and I also traded for Tyreek Hill lol.
  14. The only thing that's likely to get turned around is me turning my gun on myself after trading Todd Gurley for this guy lol. As a Lions fan, this reminds me of when our offense was horrendous in the 2015 season under Joe Lombardi and for 3 weeks in a row opposing teams were calling out our plays and knew what we were going to run before the snap. Its still pretty bad, but my point is that an offense can't just figure it out and get things going again once they've plummeted off the cliff like the Chiefs' offense has. They are just being flat out out-coached. Their offense was based
  15. What the hell happened? Thank the 7 gods I'm not a Chiefs fan in real life lol. Sucks for my fantasy team though.
  16. Dropped Kelvin Benjamin for Gordon and not looking back. Fantaspros has him as WR36 and Benjamin as WR52 rest of season.
  17. On ESPN, Stephania Bell said he's not close to returning and has not even begun practicing. I'm holding onto this guy too, only because his trade value is zero and if I dropped him everyone would scramble to pick him up. What a dud.
  18. I'm playing in 1pt PPR and my team is Brees, Hunt, Fournette, Howard (flex), Hill, Keenan Allen, Robby Anderson, Corey Davis, Chris Hogan. I feel like its a good way to get off this Hunt train and also buy low on Julio. Granted the Chiefs do have a good playoff schedule and Julio has to play the Saints twice, but KC's offense is a mess right now.
  19. Well according to Brett Kollman, the Cowboys figured out KC's offense and thereby wrote the blueprint on how to defend against them. I'll admit that I don't understand football when you get down to the X's and O's, but this guy seems to know his stuff and his videos seem to be on point.
  20. Thank you for this. I was seriously considering flexing Robby Anderson over him.
  21. I have both Hunt and Howard and I think Hunt has more upside. Howard may get more carries, but he doesn't get as many chances to score TDs since he Bears offense is so bad. Granted, Hunt hasn't had a TD in weeks, but I think the opportunity will come. KC's playoff schedule is pretty easy.
  22. I think Hunt can get it together if he has the opportunity. It was a little sad to see Charknado in there for the last drives, like a few people here suspected he would. Another area of concern is the rest of the division is not doing too good so KC has a 2+ game lead over the Raiders, Chargers, and Broncos so they will likely play this conservative style til the playoffs.
  23. I dropped lotto ticket Rod Smith to bite the bullet and pick up both Ivory and Yeldon. Don't know who I'll play this week, but I won't feel as bad guessing wrong if I have the other guy on the bench.
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