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  1. how did you set records with those 3 guys as key cogs on your team?
  2. lol, you can't filter out games guys leave early due to injury, especially one with Conner's injury history
  3. yea i bet the Bucs wouldn't sign him and put up with all the distractions if they didn't feel that as long as he behaved he'd be available
  4. https://twitter.com/adamlevitan/status/1319733687056027649?s=21 limp
  5. NFL would come down very harshly for fabricating an injury, i'm sure he did in fact legit tweak his hamstring, but also no doubt there seems to be some discontent going on between Thomas and the Saints.
  6. 4 receptions 56 yards, 1 rush for 5 yards, and a TD. 16.1 full PPR
  7. are you talking about the one deep post route he caught from Wilson? Or is there another video out there?
  8. Pete Carroll: we're tuned into it, we'll see what happens.
  9. look at the usage and pretty decent production from Gaskin
  10. Dolphins are PLENTY good offensively, he could get a lions share of the volume, and really excel there.
  11. Some guy got a million upvotes on reddit for writing a very detailed post highlight how OBJ was going to be a superstar breakout right before he came off IR
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