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  1. Yes we already made this deal. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Definitely Dunn for me. Owns him in dynasty. Help with mine.
  3. Keep Ingles. Drop rondo. Help with mine.
  4. Yeah i'd go Wiggins over Melo here too. Help with mine.
  5. Dedmon and either JJ or DJA. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/693107-help-me-decide-on-this-trade/
  6. Kyrie's the best player in the deal but that's a good return for Kyrie. I'd take it too.
  7. Skal tops that list. I like what i saw in Kornet. Smart player, got quick hands for those steals, nice timing on blocks, and can shoot the trey. Good shooting stroke. I'd stash him in a deep league. Help with mine. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/693107-help-me-decide-on-this-trade/
  8. Been offered Griffin/Barton or Griffin/Hield for my Fultz/JarrettAllen in dynasty. I'm competing so i'm trying to trade my rookies for the playoff run. What do guys think? I was also offered Wiggins for Fultz but i don't like Wiggins.
  9. I was surprised myself he was dropped. And we're not even H2H- 1-win where desperate owners drop players just to win the week. Maybe he just dropped him by mistake. Anyways, his loss. My gain.
  10. What's Kanter's trade value? He's been dropped, and although i don't need him coz i'm dominant with my bigs, i'm thinking of using my #2 waiver priority and trading him for a guard or wing.
  11. Cousins for Myles Turner and Conley.
  12. League's very active. I'm pretty sure Holmes will be scooped up once i drop him. But yeah, i think i'll go for Crowder. Thanks all.
  13. I like Dejounte, but that's Markkanen. Stay.
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