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  1. Thanks for the help folks. Just realized my orginal post had all kinds of spelling errors.sorry about that, was licky to get enough signal to post
  2. Bye week is murdering me. The only half way decent plYers i ha e are all vacationing this week. Help me fill a roster??. Need 1 qb, 2 rb. 3wr, and 1 flex Qb: jimmy g or noles Rb: mixon, sony, mckissic, j samuels, Wr: goodwin, boyd, beasly On WW: pascal, w fuller, d samuel, renfrow, ap I have no idea what to do and to make matters worse i. Stuck in the swamps of lousiana with s---y signal. What say you people? Alsi if you say someone on the ww, lmk who you would drop? Alsi nit my whole tram is listed, left the studs on bye off. I will help in return
  3. It would be my last year in a league that vetoed that trade.
  4. Any more insight on who i should pick of the three? I had it tate/alshon/Landry. Tate has the same bye week as adams. Honestly I'm lost between the 3
  5. Boyd. Horrible team...but alot of targets
  6. Pull the trigger. Im really not a Freeman fan but your team structure lends itself nicely for this deal
  7. Yeah, i explained my setup poorly. My bench is almost all rb. Mostly because I dont love my starters. Thus why I felt I needed a wr in case injury/bye. I have had some intrest in carson but every offer has been trash imo.
  8. I agree with above. Maybe see if they will sweeten the deal for obj. But eirher way i like rhe move for you. Murray can do enough to keep you fighting
  9. I have rb for days(carson, sony, edmonds,plus some handcuffs)but im pretty lite in wr. Adams, godwim,boyd are my locks Other than that i have dede westbrooks so i feel I'm gambling on bye/injury Someone offered my mckissic for either tate, Landry, or Alshon. Would you make the trade? If so for who? 10team 1/2ppr Leave a link whir
  10. Between adams, gordon, and Goodwin I'm hurting on wr. Pick two plz? Beasley- safe floor low ceiling? Lazard- one of the few wr leftand good showing last week Doresett- #2 wr in ne with gordon sitting? Close matchup. Pretty close to a must win week. Which duds should i trust?
  11. Trying to work a trade for him right now....but honestly I dont want to see him go. Pat's are gonna be handing out td like Halloween candy and josh has the munchies!!
  12. Benched this week. I'm keeping him and gio one week maybe two before I try to trade em off
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