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  1. Not surprised. Kamara is a scatback and needs checkdowns to put up points.
  2. At least Hill isn’t racist like Brees. Mike Thomas is finally getting targets
  3. No one is arguing that hill should be allowed to start at te. He just is. Also no one is arguing that he should have te eligibility. We just understand why he does. How everyone bringing up his 11 career passes but no one can bring up how he has more career snaps at te than he has as an actual pocket passer?? Just continue to play dumb and act like josh Allen is now a top wr. We get it. Y’all are having terrible seasons and need any excuse to make it seem like you aren’t bad at FF
  4. I understand that but no one is saying hill is going to be top 3 qb the rest of the season. He is a serviceable qb kind of how we can say Jarvis Landry is a serviceable passer
  5. my league is built like the UN. Whoever decides to take the responsibility is the commish but we all vote on different adjustments in the offseason. I think most people are more against any leagues/commish taking action mid season
  6. History has been made!! No more rotoworld hype trains because we can’t extrapolate limited career touches anymore
  7. you sound like Batman. “I will do this in the name of justice” so now you want to abuse your commish power?? Money doesn’t change anything. There was never a participation trophy in FF. Either you want to win or not. A league full of “good guys” doesn’t change anything if I’m the only manager for my team. Why even allow people to manage their rosters
  8. ^^ this is what happens when you play in “just for fun” leagues or you only do $20 buy ins.
  9. Need 30 points from Robinson 🙏🏽🙏🏽
  10. Should’ve started Kyle Allen. I hate y’all 😭
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