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  1. Toss up between Morton and Gallen. It's tough, but I'd probably throw Gallen back cause of the hairline fracture and no definitive timetable.
  2. I like Mahle here and German too. I would have thrown out Gausman, who has upped his K rate recently.
  3. Steamer projections: Means - 8 W, 8 k/9, 4.77 ERA, 1.30 WHIP (160 IP) Rogers - 8 W, 9 k/9, 3.96 ERA, 1.31 WHIP (124 IP) I'd go Rogers--never been a Means believer. Help w mine?
  4. I'd probably stick with Jazz. $15 max for Kim for me help?
  5. With the consensus here: 1st is overpay; 2nd is ok, but I'm not sure how much better it made you. Help w mine?
  6. wouldn't do this, and I am a big Flaherty fan. I'm inclined to think your pitching is pretty solid. really hard to give up JRam here. Help with mine?
  7. Mondesi here for me. Though it's a long shot, he could squeeze out a 20 HR/50 SB year. OPS won't likely be as strong as Marte, but Marte won't come close to the SB total. In the end, the power production could be a wash. Help here?
  8. Just had my auction draft for 16-team OPS keeper league, and wondering if I need more pitching. Pitching slots are 2 SP, 2 RP, and 3 P. Cats are W, K, ERA, WHIP, and NSVH. Current pitchers are: Flaherty (SP), Wheeler (SP), Morton (SP), Montgomery (SP), Gausman (SP, RP), Peralta (SP, RP), C. Green (SP, RP), Hendriks (RP), E. Diaz (RP), D. Williams (RP), P. Fairbanks (RP) Drafted Montgomery, Peralta, Green, and Fairbanks; all others were keepers. First question: Do I have enough dedicated starters? Does it matter with solid SP/RP who can rack up Ks and NSVH and keep ERA and WHIP d
  9. If I moved McNeil for KRob, I have another offer that would move my Kirilloff to get Bohm. I could then slide Muncy into 2B and Bohm to 1B. Which side is better for a 1B/2B combo in an Ops league: Muncy and McNeil or Muncy and Bohm?
  10. I’ve thought about McNeil losing ABs, but he’s been pretty solid in OPS and has positional flexibility.
  11. Keep forever. McNeil is not too expensive at $11. We keep up to 6 MiLB each year. Robinson would be one of those 6. The others are Luciano, Julio Rodriguez, Kirilloff, Dylan Carlson, and Corbin Carroll. Failed to include that initially. I would consider my team a contender. I probably need a SP or two, but the offense seems solid to me.
  12. Acuna and it's not really close. Help here?
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