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  1. There are only a few qb's in the league who can make the throw Stafford made to Golladay to set up the game winner. And Megatron didn't become Megatron until he had a qb who could get the ball to him. Tate put up the best numbers of his career with Stafford. Marvin Jones was nobody until he came to Detroit. Now we're talking about Golladay--a dude from Northern Illinois U that no one heard of coming into the draft--as a top WR in the league. Obviously these WR's have some skills, and it's not all Stafford, but the whole "Stafford's receivers do all the work for him" meme is crap. He
  2. A couple weeks on the same team as Brady is not enough time to develop chemistry. Knowing how to run routes doesn't mean you can immediately learn a playbook, and the WR plays are among the hardest to learn. He'll learn a % of the plays by the time he's eligible to return, and he'll be on a limited snap count until he's 100% on it. He's in his 30's, hasn't stepped on the field in a year, no training camp, no time with the playbook, etc. It doesn't matter how naturally talented you are, getting up to speed will take time. Like I said, he's a playoff stash with week 11 or 12 as a best case
  3. Kind of hard to believe a 32 year old WR will command a big payday even if he balls out. You're right about him having a chance to earn future contracts, but I don't think teams will be offering anything other than short "prove it" deals until retirement, like what AP has been getting. I had a chance to add AB last night and strongly considered it, but passed because I couldn't justify dropping anyone for a lottery ticket. I've been decimated by injuries and have bye weeks coming, so I need to keep players who can contribute now. I figure he hasn't played in a year, has a new offense
  4. He would've had a much bigger day if not for the constant PI from Jax db's in the first half. The Jax defensive gameplan was to take out Kenny G and they couldn't accomplish this without PI. That wasn't sustainable for the entire game and he eventually got his. Even with a big lead and a poor game script for WR's, he still fed. And moving forward, I'd expect better scripts. Most games Detroit will not run that effectively. Most games their defense will not maintain a lead. Kenny's best games are coming.
  5. Left him on the bench for Emmanuel Sanders. Good luck to the gamblers.
  6. I'm starting him out of desperation if active, though I agree with those who are sitting him regardless of whether he suits up. Big risk, I just have no better options (Kenny G and Sutton were supposed to be my 1-2 punch).
  7. A large part of me doesn't think his sudden hammy injury is legit. It might be Patricia playing Patriot games, where key players mysteriously show up on the injury report throughout the week yet find a way to suit up on Sunday. It's also possible Kenny is exaggerating it, as hammy injuries are difficult to diagnose, and he and the Lions are in the midst of contract negotiations. Might not want to get hurt and lose out on 10's of millions. Real or exaggerated, the uncertainty still sucks for us fantasy owners, but If he's somehow active today I think I'm playing him.
  8. I'm a Lions slappy, and I drafted Swift and KJ as my 4th and 5th RB's in an 8 man just for fun. Seasoned Lions fans expect worst case scenarios every season, so I entirely expect injury to lead to less of a timeshare as the season progresses. Assuming good health for all RB's, I would expect Swift to get the bulk of the carries eventually this year. He has the youth/talent combo the other guys don't. Regardless, I'm holding them on my bench until we get an idea of how this all shakes out. I personally wouldn't start any Lions RB against the Bears.
  9. Seems there was a miscommunication. I didn't claim the Lions couldn't be ran on, just to temper expectations. Maybe "saved by the td" wasn't the right choice of words, because Ekeler's ppr value was there without it, but 18 points w/o the TD isn't what I consider a "great game" either. The TD elevated an average game to a good one.
  10. Currently 11th ranked according to nfl.com. Maybe you saw 22nd based on how your league does scoring.
  11. Meh. Ekeler's FF day was saved by the td, and almost all of JJ's yards came on one play. Neither had a good day.
  12. I wouldn't be super confident in rolling any RB out against Snacks Harrison, A'Shawn Robinson, and potentially Mike Daniels. I get that it's KC and you have to play their starting RB no matter what, but I wouldn't be surprised if Shady had a less than exciting day. This feels more like a Kelce blowup game to me.
  13. James caught the pass that sealed the win. How dare they exploit defensive mismatches to win a game while ignoring your personal fantasy football desires.
  14. I'm in a weird 8 teamer that starts 2 QB's and has ridiculous passing bonuses. Getting at least one QB in your first two picks is imperative in this league, and my strategy is usually QB/QB. I took Mahomes first overall. I think taking Mahomes with a top pick is justified in 2QB or superflex leagues, but be prepared for the top-tier wr's and rb's to be off the board when your 2/3 turn comes around. I was successful in filling those spots with high-floor value picks, but that would have obviously been more difficult to accomplish in a 10 team.
  15. I want to gamble on Cooper so badly. I'll probably leave him on the bench for Evans, even though Slay has held better WR's in check this year. Damn that ankle.
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