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  1. Close the thread already, this is exhausting lol
  2. Already had a ton of them Thursday, but I could use a big serving of TonYAMS tonight.
  3. Gross. How dare he... But in all seriousness well deserved of one. Mahomes and Tyreek are pure entertainment I hope we have for a long time. Keeping up with that duo is not easy at all.
  4. I came here to ask... DID HE SHAKE HIS HAND OR NOT!?! More important than anything else in this game obviously
  5. Should’ve had 3 smh... I must be more blind than JT trying to find a hole because was he clearly in.
  6. He looked in to me... I don’t understand. Half his body was clearly over the goaline with no knee down.
  7. Looks like they’ve made the change live already. If you keep your exact same roster I think you will get the points at TE (not sure, guess they could count it as 0?) It will not let me make any substitution within my current roster though... oof.
  8. https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/30374522/faq-taysom-hill-lose-te-eligibility-espn-fantasy-football-qb-only Was fun while it lasted boys. Looks like you still may be able to leave him in, but no roster changes can be made.
  9. Watching the highlights from yesterday, it really seemed like he was more patient on waiting for holes to open up/choose the right hole. A lot less running into the backs of his lineman. Maybe hes turning a corner....
  10. So many people on here trying to prove so hard that they know more than the next person. Well, you don't. Saw so many ppl bashed for being positive about Taysom. Glad I went with my gut on this one. Massive advantage at the TE spot this week, could easily put up 15-20pts with his rushing and checkdowns to Kamara alone. Excited to watch this game! Congrats to everyone who saw the bigger picture and took a chance on him. Cost you absolutely nothing besides thinking out of the box with your last bench spot.
  11. This should be in the CSB thread 😂
  12. I take back the passing yard stat, I misread, but still very confident lol
  13. Why do I feel like everyone is ignoring the fact that Taysom could be the starter and still have Jameis as a backup in case of injury until Brees comes back. Everyone saying they don't want their backup Qb (Taysom) to get hurt, but what if Jameis is that backup? 👀
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