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  1. I would take the trade. Assuming Mixon's injury isn't serious, I would consider he and Mack about a wash. Sanders has much more long term potential than Chris Thompson. He will be injured soon enough, and I rate Godwin above Williams, too. Help with my team:
  2. I agree with the posters above. Also, you are carrying three TEs. Move one of them for another piece. Help with my thread:
  3. I would switch to Stafford, too, but don't be too attached. I might consider streaming until you find someone worth holding on to. Help with my team:
  4. Anderson. Scary Terry has almost zero track record at this point. Help with my thread:
  5. Godwin. It isn't that close for me. The Redskins caught the Eagles by surprise, but the secrets out on Terry now. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys game plan to limit him. Help with my team:
  6. The Hunter Henry advice is spot on. I'm in that situation, and I'm semi-desperate. Trade off 1 or two of your TEs and free up some bench space. Help with my thread:
  7. Roll with the three backs. High floor and ceiling. Tampa on a Thursday night is not something you can count on. Help with my thread:
  8. I'm in the same position. Stupid kneecaps. I would go with Davis or Rudolph. Maybe Rudolph since you could keep him for a few weeks. Davis is useless if Reed comes back. Help with mine:
  9. I would take the trade. Your WR2 is weak, and it doesn't look like you have any WR depth. Give away Latavius. Unless you own Kamara, he's not anything special. White and the Patriots offense looks dynamic. I would probably go with Jeffrey, but I could see an argument for Kupp. It's close. Help with my team:
  10. Maybe you could trade Thompson and someone else in a 2 for 1? I think both of the guys have more upside than Thompson or MVS, so I'd drop them if I had to. Help with mine:
  11. I wouldn't do it, either. You have great RB depth, and who knows if Guice is ever consistently healthy. Help with my team:
  12. I would go with Fournette, too. It wouldn't be shocking in Jackson stole a lot of Ekeler's carries. Fournette will get the ball. A lot. Help with mine:
  13. Yeah, all the decent options are picked up. 14 team leagues are rough. I actually have AJ Brown on the Titans and not Hollywood. Does that change your opinion on the flex?
  14. McLauren. Murray could easily have a game where he carries the ball 5 times for 20 yards. Help with my thread:
  15. I would do it. You need help at RB and Zeke is as safe and elite as they come. Russ should be fine, and there will be other options to pick up as the year goes on. Help with my team:
  16. I'd do it in a second. Montgomery won't be behind Davis for much longer. You have other options at TE. Help with my team:
  17. I lean towards Mclaurin. He's more likely to at least pick up some yardage. If you're playing standard or need some upside, consider Hollywood for the TD potential. I would stay away from Samuels on a Thursday night until we see more from Cam. Help with my team:
  18. Are you favored? I would go with Dak, but it is a close call. Help with my team:
  19. I agree with the poster who said Terry for the upside, Brown for the floor. Are you favored? Help on my thread:
  20. I disagree on QB. I'd go with Watson. It wouldn't surprise me to see Zeke and Pollard with a heavy share of runs this week. Please help on my thread:
  21. My team: 14 team standard, Yahoo QB: Matt Ryan WR: Davante Adams WR: Michael Thomas RB: Leonard Fournette RB: Sony Michel Flex: Currently Sterling Shepard, but it doesn't look like he'll play TE: Jordan Reed (or Eric Ebron on WW) K: (waiver wire pickup) DEF: Houston Bench: Freeman, Ronald Jones, Justin Jackson, Golden Tate, Malcolm Brown, A.J. Brown, Rex Burkhead IR: Henry Available on WW: Corey Davis, Eric Ebron So, my team is kind of a mess at the moment. Henry is hurt. I picked up Jordan Reed. Would you pref
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