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  1. I would take the trade. Assuming Mixon's injury isn't serious, I would consider he and Mack about a wash. Sanders has much more long term potential than Chris Thompson. He will be injured soon enough, and I rate Godwin above Williams, too.

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  2. I lean towards Mclaurin. He's more likely to at least pick up some yardage. If you're playing standard or need some upside, consider Hollywood for the TD potential. I would stay away from Samuels on a Thursday night until we see more from Cam.


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  3. My team:

    14 team standard, Yahoo


    QB: Matt Ryan

    WR: Davante Adams

    WR: Michael Thomas

    RB: Leonard Fournette

    RB: Sony Michel

    Flex: Currently Sterling Shepard, but it doesn't look like he'll play

    TE: Jordan Reed (or Eric Ebron on WW)

    K: (waiver wire pickup)

    DEF: Houston

    Bench: Freeman, Ronald Jones, Justin Jackson, Golden Tate, Malcolm Brown, A.J. Brown, Rex Burkhead

    IR: Henry

    Available on WW: Corey Davis, Eric Ebron


    So, my team is kind of a mess at the moment. Henry is hurt. I picked up Jordan Reed. Would you prefer him or Ebron?


    For the flex spot, I'm at a loss. I could hope Ronald Jones is really taking the TB job and play him on Thursday night. I could gamble on Malcolm Brown or Justin Jackson. Part of me wants to double down on Patriots RBs against the dumpster fire in Miami... I could start both Burkhead and Michel. Or I could pick Corey Davis or A.j. Brown and hope I'm betting on the right Titans receiver. None of these are great options, obviously. What would you do? 

    EDIT: It's possible Shepard plays. Would he be the flex play then?

    As always, I'll help out in return.

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