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  1. I would do this. Johnson has been hurt twice this year, and with the ascension of Claypool, Tomlin is too smart of a guy to not start featuring him more.
  2. You're pretty set at WR, but yes I'd still do this. I want no part of that Ravens backfield and Claypool could potentially be a league winner. If he blows up again this weekend with Diontae Johnson out, you'll never be able to get him this cheap. Do it and dont look back
  3. I dont think Chark is gonna play, but I'd prob sit him even if he does play through it. Go Singletary
  4. Honestly I think in PPR you gotta go Robby Anderson. Hes getting double digit targets every week
  5. I gotta go Swift here. I think they definitely will change things up in that backfield coming out of the bye. Besides, Moss's first game back? No thanks.
  6. Boyd, Claypool, Deebo. But if Claypool has another big week (especially with Dionate Johnson out) I think he pulls ahead ROS.
  7. I would definitely do this for either one, but I lean Mixon just based on talent and opportunity. He always gets better second half of season
  8. Oy, this is tough. I'd honestly probably bench Mixon, as tough as that may be. Taylor and Robinson both have excellent matchups, and Hunt is too good to not start.
  9. Its gross but I'd say Goff. They are going a good job of not letting him do too much and keep his turnovers low. Second option would be Bridgewater, who's been playing well as of late.
  10. AP is probably the safer play, but I expect them to change things up in that backfield post-bye. Harris should get the work, but probably will not get many goal line touches. Ultimately, I'd feel better rolling Harris this week, just based on the workload he got his first week back from IR and the Pats seem to love him.
  11. I love Jonnu, but I think this would leave you thin at WR and you can probably find a serviceable TE on the waiver wire or trade one of your RB's for Jonnu or someone similar.
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