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  1. Your Top 4 are Bellinger, Turner, Robert, Cole and then I'd choose one of Voit or Moncada. Seeing as though you have 2 picks in the first round, I'd probably just keep your top 5 and keep the picks. If there isn't anyone better to pick than who you passed on keeping, hopefully you can pick them again.
  2. Honest mistake. Swap him out for Grichuk. Grichuk/Tellez likely rotate through DH and OF/1B. I'd hazard a guess that Semien hits somewhere around 6-7 in the order.
  3. Bichette will be in the top 3 of the order, unless he is struggling mightily. I think his leash is fairly long, though. 1 - 3. Some combo of Springer, Biggio, Bichette 4-6. Combo of Lourdes, Vlad, and Semien 7-9. Combo of Grichuk, Tellez, Jansen/McGuire/Kirk Might be able to make a case for Semien, Grichuk, and Tellez to be interchangeable, depending on streaks & macthups, but I think it lands something like that.
  4. Eh, I’d move on. Bichette is within the top 20 on most dynasty lists. Wait until you find a better offer. Have you tried throwing him onto the trade block and seeing if anyone bites? You don’t NEED to move him, so I’d wait for something a bit safer / more exciting than that. If Giolito were involved, maybe. But dealing Bichette to a guy who clearly doesn’t REALLY want him and isn’t willing to pay for a top 20 dynasty SS is a no go for me.
  5. Sitting around $100 mil in guaranteed contracts, which is $60-70 mil less than they were when they were making a run in 2017-18. Still plenty of room to grow and get better. Rotation definitely needs help. Have to think they're still in on Bauer and a couple other decent remaining FA arms.
  6. Definitely 1 and choose between Bauer, Snell, Gallen, Marte, Hiura, Anderson, Bichette, Smith
  7. Yeah, I'd do it. Immediately becomes your ace.
  8. I'd expect them to have something in place to move an OF/C for rotation help, but we'll see. 5 OF for 4 spots (3OF + DH) isn't bad. Depth and ability to rest guys. Wish they had wrestled LeMahieu and Brantley instead of Springer and Brantley, but I'll take it.
  9. Good deal. I like Kirby too, but I'd strongly consider that deal if you're making win now moves. Flaherty is a good get and Kirby is still a ways away.
  10. I'd swap Mitchell and Cespedes, then you're good to go.
  11. I'd rather have Trammell, but you're right that his path to playing time is a little more blurry than Pache. Pache looked good when he came up in the playoffs this season too, so I wouldn't blame you for going either way.
  12. I’d take Abreu. He’s a sure thing in what is sure to be a great lineup. Adds to a great offensive core that you already have. Target a top end starter with one of your first few picks.
  13. Tough one, I'd probably lean towards moving Teoscar, but I think I'd be comfortable trading whichever you can get more for. As far as targets in and around the same value... maybe Burnes, Gray, Wheeler, Montas, Ian Anderson? If you can get better, great, but I think you'll be in/around that area if you find someone with an extra arm needing an OF.
  14. Like Bo, but this is a great return. Love Gio and expecting big things from a middle of the order with Astros potentially without Springer, Correa, and Brantley moving forward. I'd do it.
  15. Feel the same, and I’m from TO. He’s great, but the hype is out of control. He still has a ton to prove before cracking the top 15 IMO.
  16. Yeah, I'd probably be looking for two guys in the top 20 + a top prospect, depending on players of course. Being as good as he is at this age, he's gold in dynasty leagues. Comparable value to Acuna.
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