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  1. List Rodgers at qb so need a fill in for this week and potentially Rest of season. Best options out there are Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers, who should i pick up?
  2. Have the chance to trade Carlos Hyde for either Amari Cooper or Michael Crabtree .....or even possibly Doug Baldwin. Who would you rather end up with???
  3. Cheers all ,dropped Henry. One of the guys was asking about Cohen so I think I have a better chance at picking Henry back up.
  4. Tarik Cohen Derrick Henry Tevin Coleman Demaryius Thomas Alshon Jeffery
  5. With Gronk inactive I need to Drop either Tarik Cohen or Derrick Henry for a TE. Who should I drop? Cheers in advanced
  6. My Alshon for CJA? Should I be worried about Charles and then Bookers return?
  7. My Alshon for CJA? Should I be worried about Charles and Bookers return?
  8. Ty Montgomery for my Cohen & Alshon Jeffery or Ty Montgomery for my D.Henry & Alshon What side do you like better? Leaves me at WR D. Thomas, Diggs, OBJ, Parker
  9. Looking at picking up Jeremy Hill, Derrick Henry and/or DeVante Parker . Team below, who would you pick up and drop? Or leave as is. QB: Rodgers RB: Hyde, Hunt, Woodhead, Peterson, Coleman WR: Beckham, D Thomas, A Jeffrey, Moncreif, J Brown, Diggs TE: Gronk Cheers in advance
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