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  1. I have the same question as well. Thinking I would still stay put for now.
  2. Lavine and Covington isn't a reach for me. Capella kinda is, but he gave you the rebound advantage. I think your punt assist team is strong.
  3. Stacked. Injury prone but still a very good team.
  4. Great team. Getting Coby White at 104 is a steal. Thanks for the help.
  5. Drop Fultz instead? I am high on Dejounte this year.
  6. I think you have a balanced team. One thing I am concerned about is the injury risk. Paul, KD ,OPJ and Kahwi. I think your strengths are steals, FT% and assists, if Rubio is not falling too much.
  7. I would pick the Lavine/Bam side but it's close. I think the stocks are much better since Booker/Sabonis don't provide much.
  8. 9 cats 8 teams H2H keeper league PG: Stephen Curry, Dejounte Murray, Marcus Smart SG: Colin Sexton, Markelle Fultz SF: Brandon Ingram, Khris Middleton PF: Anthony Davis, Robert Covington, Christian Wood C : Brook Lopez, Domantis Sabonis, Wendell Carter Jr. Notable FA are : RIcky Rubio, Demarcus Cousins, Richaun Holmes, Devonte Graham, Norman Powell, Jarrett Allen, Duncan Robinson. I think I took too many "likely to breakout" players. I am good in steals, FT% and TO. Other stats are kinda in the middle. Any trade targets/Pickup or strategie
  9. I would stay put. Unless I am getting tons of return, or I won't trade AD.
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