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  1. I'm loving Gibson for next year. Even with their QB situation, I think he's going to be great. They're building that team right and building it up in the trenches.
  2. I think it's a neutral change. Rivers leaving will hurt Hines the most. Taylor is the guy and he should put up decent numbers unless they go some crazy rookie at QB route.
  3. Chubb is way more consistent. Cohen and Hunt both eat into their shares, but that offense was weird with Montgomery and Cohen and Nagy being Nagy.
  4. I'm feeling opposite to how you guys are feeling. Cohen will be back and take away targets and receptions in PPR. Is Allen Robinson being re-signed? But wow. I might only rank 9-10 backs ahead of him in PPR. I know the way he finished is going to shoot him up to the 2nd round. I don't know why I'm not buying him. Right now, that's just my gut feeling.
  5. Kelce is the only one deserving of that. He’s a beast and stays healthy too. You can’t dog on the old guys at QB like one of the posts up top. There should be a lot of championship rosters with Rodgers at QB who was drafted between the 5th-7th rounds. I hate going QB early, so I’m looking for that guy again next year. It’s burned me before (Kevin Kolb, Mayfield, Ryan).
  6. I need Allen to get 2 points, but I’m gonna declare myself champion already lol. Allen Chubb and Montgomery Adams, Keenan Allen, and Thielen, but started Higgins over Allen today. Logan Thomas Koo Browns DST My bench was nothing special. Murray, Pollard, Gurley, and Saints DST. Adams is my MVP!
  7. It looked like he was going to have a huge game. My reasoning was that Dallas always plays Philly tough and it’s a division matchup. Philly’s QBs always tend to struggle a bit against the Cowboys.
  8. The Cowboys are going to bottle Hurts up. 250 total yards 1TD 2 turnovers!
  9. FF is stupid. I started Swift over Gaskin. I rolled with Aiyuk this weekend too.
  10. What a terrible throw. I thought for sure I was going to get a few dump offs to Swift there.
  11. Nothing wrong until Evans goes down with an injury. Run the offense with all backups.
  12. They went hurry up for a second before having a false start. Detroit can’t do anything right.
  13. I’m pretty sure they’ll play in the 3rd. F FF man. I’m in my last place game with Swift. This season I lost Dak, Ekeler, and Michael Thomas in PPR. Detroit would be a disaster the week I roll with Swift. I have more points forced this year than the 1st place 11-3 team. Good times.
  14. Same. I have Swift lol. I just meant for the Tampa players. Hopefully the Lions can score here.
  15. Why is anyone worried? Tampa is still gonna put up 4 quarters worth of numbers in 3 quarters before they get to sit lol.
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