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  1. So 12 passer rating less and 6 lower completion %. No idea what point you're trying to prove by illustrating Bortles was significantly less efficient in his second year than Trubisky.
  2. Not just the box score. He has a 101 passer rating, and is pacing over 30 TDs, and has a 64% completion percentage on the season in his second year playing. He is pretty damn efficient for a second year QB. He seems pretty good.
  3. It is like having a mid range RB1 in your defense slot. Such a huge advantage over other teams.
  4. Taking a single proposition out of an argument and then saying it isn't an argument is pretty goofy. No s---, that is why I said other things as well. You should read the comment I'm responding to. The fact he is a hall of famer who is an upgrade at the position even if he isn't in his prime is more than enough to shed doubt on the claim they only picked him up for ticket sales. He doesn't need to be nearly in his prime. He just need to be an above average corner who mentors Ahkello in order for the signing to be a great move. His contract is incentive laden, meaning if he doesn't perform then
  5. Oops, I missed it. Thanks for informing me. f--- : (
  6. He isn't involved in and doesn't decide who they sign. He isn't Jerry Jones. Kyle Shanahan and Lynch together make what they think are the best decisions for the team.
  7. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan don't give a f--- about ticket sales. They're picking up Sherman because he is a hall of famer at a position the 49ers need. He is a huge upgrade even if he isn't in his prime.
  8. The signing of Sherman is an indicator they're going for it all this year and aren't holding back. It'll be interesting to see if they draft an edge rusher in the first or go for Ezekiel Ansah. If they do that, then they're a pretty complete team and a legitimate superbowl threat. Robinson would be a cherry on top for this beautiful 49ers Icecream Sundae.
  9. It definitely isn't just Jimmy. Shanahan had that poor offensive talent including QBs under an 80 passer rating at 18th in the NFL in offensive yards. THey had literally the worst offensive talent of any team in the NFL and were ranked 18th in yards. Jimmy Garoppolo is great but he isn't God. The fact the 49ers offense was so dominant with him is a combination of him AND Shanahan being great. Shanahan just needed something, anything at all, and when he got something the 49ers offense was ridiculous. Like...I'm not just being a homer when I say the 49ers have a really good shot at the super
  10. The people predicting the 49ers to go .500 or under are insane. Their offense was absolutely dominant without time for Jimmy and Shanahan to get the offense down. They had a ton of injuries, including their WR1, Garnett, Joe Williams, and a ton of defense. They're going to be great next year and if the off-season goes well then 49ers wouldn't be a bad pick for the superbowl.
  11. I'm a 49er fan that started Cam Newton. 49ers got destroyed, Cam Newton scored 13 points and I lost by 6. : (
  12. Damn that is bold. That is ridiculously bold.
  13. I don't expect him to be playable week 1, but I do expect him to take over the role of starting RB sooner than later considering how awful Jeremy Hill is. Jeremy Hill is exceptionally bad.
  14. Mixon easily passes the eye test. I can't believe he is that quick and agile while being nearly 230 pounds. After watching some of his runs during the pre-season I bought in. I snagged him in both of my leagues. Look at this run man. 41 seconds.
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