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  1. \ Close on the carries and yards. Completely wrong about that TD
  2. I'm not so sure he produces RB1 numbers. I think it's going to be more of RB2 at best. Headley is just as bad as savage. And Jones has tough matchups pretty much every game going forward other than this week against Det. I'm excited about his potential and it was difficult parting with him, but that schedule makes me uneasy.
  3. I was able to package him up with Aaron Jones for Antonio Brown. Left me really thin at RB but I don't trust either player in the playoffs (if I'm fortunate enough to get there). Savage is anything but that. I do think Hopkins has a nice game this week with that very weak secondary. In the past, Savage has targeted Hopkins heavily, but targets don't mean squat if the throws are terrible.
  4. Not going to lie, I'm a little skeptical of them moving on from Keenum. He wasn't setting the league on fire, but he wasn't making stupid mistakes and Diggs and Thelen have both been eating with him at the helm.
  5. How does everyone feel about Deonte Thompson, is he a better stash than Dede?
  6. I have a tough choice of him Vs Cle or Deandre Hopkin vs Seattle. . Worried about the re-injury/snap count aspect but he has such a better match-up!
  7. That video by Alconbury went hard lol. Guess I'm keeping him unless a great offer comes along.
  8. I saw the highlights. He didn't seem to do much in the 2nd half other than a big run towards the end of the 3rd. I might be on that sell high wave too. Bias aside is he at least a strong RB2/ Flex ROS?
  9. At this point in time he's really only valuable in standard leagues. I have high hopes for Collins. Hopefully he can get the volume and become a very solid RB2/Flex player.
  10. What's his value in Non-PPR leagues? Is he worth the pick-up?
  11. Thanks. I don't think it was egregious. One of my friends saw it and spazzed out. I don't think that team manager did it just to have a fire sale. He desperately needed a TE and he has enough solid WRs. Just wanted to make sure.
  12. My first trade offers are usually just starting points. "I'm interested in this player, here's a lowish ball package for him. Counter with what you think he's worth." And then we'll go from there. I just offered the 0-5 team in our 12 team standard league Emmanuel Sanders and Hunter Henry for DeAndre Hopkins, and he accepted it. For context he literally does not have a TE. There aren't many viable ones in the WW and his other Wrs are Julio Jones and Brandin Cooks. Would it be wrong of me to push this through?
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