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  1. Made it to the championship game this year on the back of my beloved Todd Gurley - you know, the man who basically ended all of my hopes and dreams a season ago. This year I had the number 1 pick so I took him and he never disappointed me until now. Of course as fate would have it - after going this far I am not going to have my best player when I need him the most - even if he does play will he be as effective or taken out the game early? I don't know what is going to happen on Sunday but it just kills me to know that I could lose and not have my guy in the most import
  2. This Todd Gurley performance will haunt me forever. What could have been.........what could have been. Another great regular season with nothing to show for in the end. Thought the first round bye would put me over the top this year. I can't help but feel like one man beat me. I hate you Todd Gurley. See you all next year.
  3. I've never been so furious playing fantasy football. Was projected to win by 30 and now Gurley has 36 at the half. I feel like my soul was just ripped right out of me.
  4. Gurley ending my hopes and dreams. Would be nice if the Rams players would stop getting tackled at the 1 and letting Gurley just walk in for a TD. FML. Had to face Gurley/Bell combo 3 f-ing times this year just make it stop.
  5. Yeah he made me look like a fool yet again for believing in him. Dudes washed up. I'm done with him for good. No separation at all.
  6. C'mon man! Really?! That Rams defender needs to grow - down at the 1 and sets up Gurley. Figures.... p.s. F the ref for being is such good position to see that.
  7. I need Rodgers to absolutely carry my team tomorrow. 300 yards and 4 TD to even have a chance at winning my matchup. Picked him up from the waivers 2 weeks ago and held onto Jordy all year. Aaron.........I believe.
  8. Needed a big game from Kelce and for Tyreke Hill to be tame. Number one TE in the league and he puts up 4 points in the biggest game of the season. Of course this defense chokes and lets Hill run like a damn Cheetah down the sideline. Welp I guess there's always tomorrow - yay I get to face Gurley and Bell - YAY!!!!!!.....................................
  9. Tyreke TD makes me sick. I'm already thinking of turning this game off such bs.
  10. This isn't the answer you wanted to hear but I'd probably go Cousins. Problem is Alex Smith has a high ceiling low floor so he could either win you the week or lose you the week. If you feel that your opponents team is straight up better than yours top to bottom then go Smith. If you just need a solid 17-20 from your QB because you are strong elsewhere go Cousins. Thats one way you could think about it.
  11. Big Ben. He's at home and playing against me. Translation: he will go off. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688865-week-15-sanity-check-time-to-put-up-or-shut-up-whir/
  12. I don't know how you can't start Rivers given his play of late. I know he had his worst game against KC earlier in the year but I trust him more than the other two for sure. I'd hate to lose because I started Jimmy G or a backup QB instead of red hot Rivers. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688865-week-15-sanity-check-time-to-put-up-or-shut-up-whir/
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