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  1. They gave up a late 1st and a 2nd rounder for this guy, then exercised the option to pay him $21m over the next two years. Magic have some sort of faith in him or feel it is worth the risk anyway despite the mental/physical issues. They also only have journeymen PGs like DJA on the roster. If he shows nothing in preseason (or someone better comes along on the wire), easy drop as he was a last round pick along with other fliers.
  2. Don't think you have to run the ball up the middle 4 times in a row from the 1 yard line (seen that not work plenty of times) BUT it was really telling that they didn't even try any sort of run once (by any player) indicating that the team doesn't have much faith in Jones or its run game at all. Next drive they get a nice run with Jones and pass again from the 2 yard line and get intercepted. Is Jones just a guy that gets opportunity b/c there isn't anyone else so he can put up stats sometimes but isn't really good/overrated?
  3. His family has a history of athletic injuries unfortunately. He has a great high school pedigree and size/skills. I was really hoping to see him play in summer league to see if the hype was justified after all the injuries and being out of basketball for such a long time. Hopefully the injury is minor and he can be ready for preseason. As far as where to draft him in a redraft, I would like to see him play a game in preseason first. In dynasty, yes he should be rostered.
  4. I thought I was going to get a goose egg from this guy then he goes for 3 blocks in 15 mins. He is always hunting for blocks without much concern for fouls. Hopefully his fouls will go down with more experience.
  5. He had video game numbers in summer league but I am curious to see how he does in the preseason at the next level up of competition. You can't foul out in summer league but he had a lot of fouls (6,7,5,1,5 in about 25 mins a game). Maybe it was just the excitement of his first organized basketball in a year? From the posts here, he should be playing some minutes from opening night? No g league time to start? I assume it will all depend on how he does in the preseason. There's certainly little competition on the Knicks roster and he was a blue chip talent out of high school.
  6. 50-70 seems fare. I would grab him if he drops past 70. Reasons for optimism: Batum had nagging injuries last season, goes back to SF (what he calls his "natural position"), and has a new coach that should emphasize more ball movement.
  7. Amir Johnson was out last game. Will he be back? I would assume 20-25 minutes for Holmes. He puts up stats with minutes. Coach Brown just isn't that in to Holmes this year.
  8. Dynasty league. Last year it was KD and Lowry out in the fantasy playoffs. This year KD, Nance, Gary Harris and Lowry (rest). The injury bug has hit so many guys this year - DMC, Butler, Kawhii, Love, Wall, Curry, Porzingis...the list goes on...
  9. Really hurts in fantasy playoffs. Hoping this is just a rest day and he still plays Saturday.
  10. Am I missing something here? Lot of opportunity but seems like he would only be good for specific builds/punts or maybe in points leagues. No 3's (he's made 5 the entire year) and bad FT% (low 60's). Those really hurt coming from a wing. Also doesn't seem to rack up assists. Seems to be really good scoring in the paint though and is a plus in rebs, Fg%, and possibly blocks for his position.
  11. The floor for his FT% should be in the low to mid-60s based on his historical stats overseas and in the US. Possible that he has improved since. He shot better than that in the g league but on a very small sample size.
  12. Knicks aren't exactly known for their player development and Hornacek is known for inconsistent roles/minutes. They got him for McDermott so not a lot invested in him either.
  13. Willy plays center so KP injury likely doesn't impact him much. Earlier in the year Willy was " a big part of their future". lol He can't even get 5 minutes of garbage time. Knowing the Knicks, I could see them picking up another center in a trade. For the Willy faithful, 2 days to go.
  14. Coincidence he gets more PT when he is in trade rumors and Knicks are said to NOT want to trade Willy in a Bledsoe deal? Media pressure or just Hornacek randomness like last year? O'Quinn has a pretty friendly contract so teams could certainly would be interested in him as a backup center but I don't think teams would be willing to give much for him. Kanter's salary is pricey so would be harder to move. I also don't think they can trade him until later in the season. If O'Quinn is dealt, Willy and Kanter can split minutes at center.
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