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  1. Kamara is "good to go." Football players don't like to ride the pine when their team mates are out there grinding for the W. Fire up Kamara for this week.
  2. I just don't see Gronk having his best game of the year in possible snow/sleet/rain conditions against a secondary that has been generally good. (7th best vs receivers). No Shazier means ground and pound, where they obviously struggled last week against. Gronk has only had 100 receiving yards twice this year (both against suspect defenses). I'll take under 60 with no TD over Gronk having the best game of the season under questionable weather conditions. Guess we'll have to wait until Sunday to see who's closer. EDIT: Looks like the weather updated. Snow/rai
  3. Is this how your friends roped you in? Two things happen to new people that join my league: Either quit next season (can't handle the amount of work/research) or they become addicted. Think you're in the latter bucket haha.
  4. Unlikely. That stat line is about 32 PPR points, factor in the weather and the fact that Steelers have allowed the lowest amount of points to TE, I don't see him getting anywhere near that. I'm thinking he'll get 5 for 60. TD would be a bonus, but not guaranteed.
  5. Have Kamara in 3 leagues. 2 of them I had Byes, while the other I won outright due to Bell/Williams and Big Ben. If Kamara is okay to start, he's in on my line-ups, no question. He brought me to the play-offs, it's now time to finish the job.
  6. I had the 2nd round pick and with Bell, Gronk and Miller for my first 3 picks. I ended up with ARob, KB, Garcon as my wideouts and needless to say it didn't work out very well. I've been streaming WR pretty much every week and 100% playing match-ups, here have been my standouts so far: Marqise Lee - It ways always a question of Lee or Hurns, but once Hurns got injured it's been Lee. I'm not as sure any more since Westbrook and now Cole is in the mix too. But Lee has been solid the past 5 weeks (not counting the Arizona game vs Peterson. No one should've started Lee in that situation anyway.
  7. My opponent needs 55+ points from Dion Lewis and my Pats D has to get -4 points (absolute minimum, no sacks, no ints and give up 35+ points) Yeah. I'm headed to the Semis for sure.
  8. Losing Kamara didn't hurt my week. Big Ben, J Willy and Bell was enough to give myself a 70 point cushion against my opponent. Hoping for the best for Kamara, but I have Collins locked and loaded if he were to miss. This is where roster depth comes into play...
  9. Winston might be able to save Evans, but yeah, Hunt and KC in general look like a dumpster fire.
  10. Not really a *bad* trade, I beat someone in Week 5 by 10 points and he had Wilson (put up 12 points that game). He ended up rage trading Wilson and Witten for Alex Smith. I also traded Lamar Miller for Pryor back in week 4 (before the Watson blow up). Took a loss on that one, but I hit the lotto with Kamara and drafted Bell. So, it's not that bad for me. Co-worker also traded his Ingram for Keenan Allen early November. Worked out for both parties, but it wasn't looking good for him until Allen blew up.
  11. Gotta look at the match-up. This was Away Ben in bad weather conditions vs a decent Cinci secondary (although Jones did get injured in the 1Q). The two 40 point games from Brown where at home vs terrible secondaries. There was no way Brown was getting 3 TD's and 150+ yards on Monday. Away games are Bell games and it showed, as he put up his second best performance of the season. (3 of his top 4 performances have been away games).
  12. Oh man, has it come to this for Gronk/Underperforming TE owners? This guy put up 48 yards on 9 carries in week 10 vs Buffalo. Although 41 of those yards was on a single TD run. Anyone taking the plunge this week? If so, good luck.
  13. No Ellington, possibly no Fuller. No other competition at TE, a dozen targets with a TD last week, and a garbage SF defense this week. Who else are Gronk/Ertz owners gonna start? Ebron?
  14. Savage is throwing the ball roughly 40 times over the past 5 games. Discounting the fact the Niner's defense is hot garbage, if even a fourth of those targets go to Anderson it'll be worth the risk for PPR, compared to the other TE's out on the WW.
  15. It's playoff time. If you're willing to start Jimmy G in a 1QB format over someone red hot like McCown or even Winston, more power to you. Hell. I'm a Niner fan, but I'm not deluded enough to start Jimmy G and put my season on the line with him. (Deluded comment not aimed at anyone here. I just have a lot of niner friends that think Jimmy G will be the next Joe Montana).
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