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  1. They've recorded 11 sacks over the last 2 games. They've had 7 all year. Something is clicking in that Defense and I want some of it.
  2. The way the Falcons have been playing, I think this is a good move. Besides, as you said, Bucks cough up points to opposing defenses. Even if Jameis happens to not throw a pick (HIGHLY unlikely), Falcons D is much improved and should contain the total scoring by the Bucks. Plus it's a home game for the Falcons. Here's a fun fact: Falcons have played 8 quarters w/o surrendering a TD. 4 were against Brees. Now how many of you think Jameis can do better than Brees did?
  3. If it brings you any solace, I'm starting Jimmy G over Matt Ryan this week.
  4. Denver D was the streaming start of the week clocking in at 20 pts. Other notable mentions : - Panthers (thanks to Winston's lovely 5 picks) - 18 pts - Steelers - 14 pts - Niners - 12 pts - Skins - 12 pts Looking at the Jags for this upcoming week @ Cincinnati. Ravens' paltry defense held them to 17 points and Jags held NO to 13 pts. A couple sacks and a hopeful gift from Dalton and you have yourself a decent stream. Nothing else worth looking at on my waiver wire... sigh
  5. As far as defenses go... I picked up the Skins against the Dolphins. Only other two options I would consider are the Broncos vs Titans (they held Philip Rivers and the Bolts to 13 points and Mariota is much worse than Rivers) or SEA vs CLE (don't trust SEA secondary all that much). Possibly Dallas vs NYJ but don't trust Dallas D all that much either. If I had to rank them it would look something like this: - Skins - Broncos - Dallas - Seattle
  6. I have both. I'm keeping Nugent in the lineup this week and Brown on the bench. Been tempted several times to drop Brown but keep reminding myself that Malcolm Brown is a fringe RB1 if Gurley gets sidelined. RBs are the scarcest position. Kickers are a dime a dozen. Don't do it. Stream your kicker if you have to but don't roll the dice on losing Malcolm Brown.
  7. It's pretty difficult to predict this matchup and I don't like the chances of the Rams bouncing back and biting you in the a**. It's still the Rams. It's still a divisional fight. Rams play at home. Both teams are going to deploy everything they can to win, including Gurley. Honestly... I just wouldn't risk it. Could it work out if you start the niners D? Definitely. But it could also very well be a high scoring affair where both teams go ham and your defense gives up TDs and yards. I would rather face an offense where I know with 100% certainty, sucks. Jets, Bengals, Redskins, Dolphins. Much
  8. I like it. I'm currently doing the same. I agree - they do have some talent on D. Even if they play half as well against a tougher matchup, they should still produce decent fantasy numbers. Plus, they're playing at home and need to win in order to stay in playoff contention. The AFC north features a 2-2 Browns and a 2-2 Ravens. Steelers are one win behind tying 1st if Browns lose next week against SF (possible).
  9. you mean week 8? that's in 4 weeks. First they play Baltimore this week, Chargers next, followed by a BYE week and then the Dolphins. Not worth rostering as a streamer during that timeframe unless they keep up their stellar performance against tougher offenses (possible, but unlikely).
  10. the only real option available to me on my waiver. Playing PIT vs CIN last week paid UUUUGE dividends. Can we go more in depth into this matchup? Cardinals D is ok but Bengals O-line is TRASH. They conceded 8 sacks to Pittsburg on MNF. What other factors come into play? They have rookies playing CB and lack a pass rush. Terrell Suggs has been meh all season. Past stats: Week 1 vs Detroit: 27-27 Week 2 @ Baltimore: 23-17 Week 3 vs Carolina: 38-20 (Kyle Allen threw 4 TDs and had a 144 QBR!) Week 4 vs Seattle: 27-10 (they looked awful last week again
  11. Oh really?!! yeah I heard that too!!! did ya'll see Tarik Cohen show Kyle Long's dong to the whole world? lmao... https://deadspin.com/tarik-cohen-unwittingly-exposes-a-nude-kyle-long-to-the-1838409753
  12. Bumpity Bump. Kickoff in t-minus 35 min... Leaning Darrell Williams over Miles Sanders but both might slide to DJ Moore. Texans have given up 9th most fantasy points to the WR position this season and he's been a target machine thus far.... However, lions have allowed 5th most fantasy points to opposing RBs this season so Darrell looks prime for a good game so long as he doesn't cede too many touches to Shady....
  13. Let me hear your thoughts. Sanders fumbled twice last week and had those issues in college. I'm a little concerned with him tonight, especially with Howard vulturing TDs but Darrell has a healthy Shady. Should I put D.J Moore in instead and forget about both!? Moore had a lucky a** reception (only one all game) last week that salvaged his day. Not sure I trust him with Kyle Allen there. Ugh. What to do..
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