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  1. Mixon and Drake sutton slayton hilton for flex if he plays. If not go Mack. good luck to you !!
  2. I would go Conley (with Chark out) and Lazard Good luck!!
  3. Pulling my hair out here....Allen crapping the bed last week scares me. I don’t like his matchup this week. Leaning towards Fitz since Devante Parker is back. Help please ! Will help in return Thanks!!!
  4. Trade for Mahomes in a heartbeat. He'll be alright come playoff time for you. Drop Landry for Anderson if you can't try to move Landry in a trade.
  5. Absolutely not. Keep Fournette. OBJ is too hit or miss and his quarterback is garbage. Please help in return...
  6. I have Josh Allen in a 1 QB league as well as Baker Manziel Couch. Mayfield is garbage. I need to pick up a kicker this week with Tucker on the bye. If Kerryon or Fuller do not go on the IR, I'm going to have to drop someone.... so do I drop Mayfield? I'm going to be 6-1 after tonight and have no plans to start him again. God forbid, if something happens to Allen (who had the bye last week) I can just grab someone off waivers. WHIR
  7. Damn you're stacked!!! If you're not sure with Cam as your QB, keep Rivers and dump Gillislee... you never know what's going to happen in New England...
  8. The Colts potential QB's are Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brisette. The Pats have some dude named Timmy Brady..Tom Brady?? So yeah...go with Hogan
  9. My initial gut was Pryor and Hogan. But Brady just has too many targets to go around, especially with Gronk and Cooks. I do like Pryor though. Jeffrey burned me too many times when he was on the Bears though. He'd have a good game and then not show up for three weeks.
  10. Standard league - no PPR Can start 2 WR's listed below....I have Mike Evans vs the Bears (no-brainer) but I need two more.... will help in return Pryor vs Rams Jeffrey vs KC Hogan vs. NO Corey Davis vs. Jacksonville Thanks!!!
  11. Falcons against the Bears who have a garbage offense. Steelers against Browns with a rookie QB DFS Who should I go with?
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