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  1. Anything to see here? Admittedly his previous playing weight of 260 is much larger, but a variety of sources say 240+ is NFL playing weight for TEs. Seems like a steady drum beat of news...just hype?
  2. I think a case could be made to start both and they each still eat.
  3. Sounds like Justin Forsett...was it two, three years ago? Just punched my ticket on the Gus Bus!
  4. A couple takeaways: - Josh was getting winded out there, he wasn't in top shape. This will only improve. - Despite Kizer's struggles, the Browns are frequently playing from behind, meaning the volume to JG will be there. - Jeez I had forgotten how much larger he is than DBs, the jump ball TDs will come. His strength was still there too, breaking tackles and being a tough sonnuvagun to bring down. My estimation is he will be fully serviceable as a WR2/3 with WR1 upside against GB (week 14) & CHI (week16). BAL is the only game I might shy away from, but n
  5. So apparently Fournette fears the "cold" and may not play this week. Is the best backup plan Yeldon or Ivory?
  6. With Fournette fearing the "cold", Yeldon...
  7. Baltimore Def for those headed to playoffs. ROS is @GB, Hou, Det, @Pit, @Cle (week 15), Ind (week 16)
  8. So if DJ is activated and designated for return...When would he start practicing and when would he be first eligible to play?
  9. Good lookin out, Funk, thanks. Worth an end-of-bench stash where available.
  10. Was illness, not injury-related (supposedly)...
  11. I think that's inaccurate. Booker is not the goal line back, it's CJ. Worth mentioning, Booker broke down quickly in full time duty last year after CJ went down. I think people are hyping Booker after CJ got hurt at the end of the game, but so long as CJ is practicing this week I think he's good as a Flex starter with RB2 upside. Also Jamaal fumbled and looked a little shaken up after a few hits, so I still think CJ is the man here. As some other noted above, biggest impediment I see is coaching/Joseph.
  12. Thanks for this, it helps. He definitely made it look worse than it may have been crawling around on the field like that. Ivory has been getting consistent usage with Fournette (targets+carries = 11, 10, 8, 12, 8, 12). I'd bet he'd slide right in as 3-down workhorse if Fournette is out, with TJ occasional COP.
  13. I'm not buying into Fat Eddie as the man ROS, but he may be this week. I think it's worth noting the 'hawks got a Week 6 bye, so if Rawls isn't healed up for this week, he probably will be by week 7. Prosise & McKissic are 3rd downers only for the most part, I disregard them altogether in standard scoring, PPR might consider them.
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