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  1. i'd be interested in a roto league draft only. but the retroactive is too complex to factor into drafting for me. Why not just do yahoo, set game limits to like 60 games per starting slot (as opposed to 70) and then that's that? Just play forward, and with 60 limit everyone just has to pick some games for the stars to miss (with rest and covid that shouldn't be hard) and it will just naturally even out which nba players had one game this week and which had three and which might miss a few more than others with covid cancellations. Like the spirit though, and i did a few NFC draft only leagues
  2. 15 paid. One regular looks like they got to back out, so i got a spot. Draft Fri Dec 18 830est. Must have visible Y! hoops history upon entry
  3. 10 paid, but just a couple slots open for now. message me in RW if you have questions or want to get in. thanks -job
  4. bump. leave email or msg me in rotoworld. your auction draft matters top to bench as we limit season moves / streaming. 9 regulars are paid, 2 to 3 slots are open. check the payouts in the post above: just finishing the last two regular season weeks strong can get your entry money back, or juice your top place payout!
  5. Bump, and payouts: League Payouts1st place: $9002nd place: $5003rd place: $2751st place regular season finisher: $275Last 3 weeks of the season best box scores (bonus roto tourney style prize money -- keeps everyone fighting)1st place: $752nd place: $503rd place: $25
  6. 8th year of this competitive auction (now 'salary cap') league. 3 open spots, 8 have already paid. Please have a visible Y! basketball history in your profile. $150 buy in, all collected money paid out via majority approval on League Safe. Leave email if interested. Thanks -JOB Note: we may change a starting "C" position to an extra bench spot because of the likely increase in last minute dnps for the covid rules this year. Draft Type: Live Salary Cap Draft Draft Time: Fri Dec 18 8:30pm EST [ Add to My Calendar ]
  7. Yup. I call it the "Jon Leuer, Phx Suns" effect. As a pistons fan (or "sucker" maybe these days) i remember seeing these per minute analytics for Leuer (playing for Phx) when the Pistons went for him. So i decided to watch footage of these 3pt% "data" as real clips. You know what i saw? A dude playing 2nd, late 3rd and 4th quarter minutes in blowouts against guys who were g-league call ups with almost no set half court offense or defense anywhere on the floor. If a real rotation guy came in, you think he's risking an ankle turn or groin pull closing out Leuer when they're up 20 already?
  8. nfc does weekly setting, which pretty much solves it, or is the best you might do to force a similar game-plays pace so that if it all ends, it's as even as you could hope.
  9. Anyone got a LeagueSafe payment (majority vote) league drafting this friday (10/11)? >$50. can pm me here. thanks.
  10. If you are interested in these basic settings drafting Oct 11-13 weekend, pls msg me. Thanks. Majority vote of course.
  11. I'm in the next nfc 25 round, draft only , comp. Slow draft , roto, but it's seemingly good comp and it's running. That last part is key.
  12. maybe too many insights at this point! but, yeah many of us are wondering what/why with the Y! hosted money leagues... as nemesis says: the posted leagues in RW with leaguesafe are good, but would of course recommend double checking the "majority vote"=="YES" has been setup by the commish in the league safe. There is someone posting piles of "Pro League Safe... 78" etc (numbered) leagues in yahoo, but i think they are all 'commish total money control' setting in leaguesafe for payouts, and that's a major red flag unless you know about half the managers somehow.
  13. i tossed a line into my first nfc game. But without having ever seen the draft interface, etc (and it is basically just single flavor layout) I'd probably be looking for more RW posted majority approval leagues, hopefully on yahoo (i finally got all my $ leagues into yahoo last season, and wanna keep it that way). I have about 10 leagues i join/re-join or co-run each season (4-10 years going in each) plus 4-8 randoms (like yahoo cash), and I'd help run/run some new league safe based, y! leagues (maj approval of course)... but no way i want to run a 'trade whoever', 4-6 adds/week, unlimite
  14. Just double checking: are any of these leagues actually drafting Oct 11,12,13 or definitely all of them 19, 20? Thanks.
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