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  1. I learned my lesson when I used my credit card for a site about 6 years ago that I thought was reputable when I was younger and more naive and they ended up trying to charge $500 extra to my card. Unless it's a major, reputable site or a government site, I won't ever give out my credit card info like that again.
  2. I checked out myffpc.com but I don't like that they ask people to pay with a credit card as I don't like giving out my credit card info to sites like that and won't for that one either. I look for sites that accept Paypal for a more secure payment.
  3. I will jot down that site and keep handy for next season. May try it out as an alternative to yahoo.
  4. In my case, none of my friends are into fantasy football and neither are any of my co-workers so I thought that yahoo was the best option for cash leagues with the others a distant second. The problem of course with yahoo leagues is that you can get collusion if multiple people who know each other join which I experienced this year in a couple of leagues but otherwise it went pretty smoothly. To AJx88x, thanks for the payout info.
  5. Obviously the fantasy season just ended for most leagues with the exception of those who play week 17 but I was wondering if anyone here remembers when yahoo issued the payouts for the league champions, second and third place winners last year. I'm guessing that they will probably issue the money before the end of January but you never know.
  6. Finally, Ito Smith is back getting carries with 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. But if he averages too high of a yards per carry, they'll probably take him out again.
  7. Why isn't Ito Smith getting more carries? He's averaging about 6 yards a pop and they're playing Hill and Gurley?
  8. You aren't kidding. I'm sure those 2 alone on a team will outscore some other whole teams. Crazy. Even in Half PPR, Kamara had 56 points which could be a record.
  9. I bet he's cursing out the man upstairs asking "why me?"
  10. Going up against Kamara, Mike Evans and Wil Lutz. None of my players have played yet but I know it's already over. About a 75 point hole to dig out of.
  11. Cook ended with about 15.5 Half PPR points but he could have had a bunch more.
  12. Then you should start playing Beck's "Loser" song asap.
  13. They're at Minnesota's 3 yard line. I'll bet that Kamara definitely gets it now. Payton can save himself an a** whooping.
  14. Sean Payton had better watch his back in the locker room after the game.
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