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  1. I mean I wouldn't expect him to be practicing if he's still in jail and/or rocking that BAC, lol.
  2. Anyone cuffing with Hasty over Jeff Wilson? Seems like JaMycal would be better just based on name.
  3. Yeah, I just saw it on another board, so hopefully no source. I was mostly just venting and had a photo accompaniment, but don't know how to use the site lol.
  4. To be fair, the plays they did call were still working. Their drives ended on drops by Jeudy and an overthrew by Lock for an open TD. They just didn't have many plays in the 2nd half in general. Tennessee plays short games. Still looks like Fant is going to be a monster this year.
  5. I have Hopkins too. Both had great games but no way I don't lose by 11.9.
  6. I guess I should also add that I saw VFF say he would probably be limited in practice Saturday. So practicing at all seems like a good sign. Not gonna pretend I know how to Tweeter.
  7. Made it up based on tweets like "long shot" to play this week. So don't trust me lol. I still do think he plays but probably benching anyway, especially since it's Monday.
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