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  1. Looks to be activated off of the COVID list today. No CMC, and I'm assuming no DJ Moore this weekend either. This is a smash spot if I've ever seen one. Hes also good for 2-3 carries as well
  2. I don't think James Washington is a Scrub or anything, but why keep this guy off the field? Perfect compliment to Diontae. Hes been incredible smh. I'm having difficulty starting this guy this week, even in a potential shootout
  3. No Mims, and they should be playing from behind all game. This is extremely tempting. Anybody else taking the chance here?
  4. I'd love for nothing more than to drop this guy, but he'll miraculously come back for another owner next week when hes picked up right away lol
  5. You're crazy if you start this guy this week, especially during the playoffs. You got here despite him, save a few weeks. He did not get you here, especially during the last month. He could have easily screwed you out of a playoff spot. The rest of your team saved you. /rant
  6. Wait, people are dropping him? How shallow are your leagues? Jesus christ lol. I just overpaid a bit to get him, hes gonna eat when he comes back
  7. I think you did good here. Positive regression is coming for Drake and Julio. Thanks for mine!
  8. I would. Hes one of the top handcuffs out there as well. I'd rather have a potential league winner in Edmunds.
  9. I would 100% do this if I were you. Jonnu will eat but once AJ Brown comes back, his target share will come back down a bit. Diontae Johnson is looking like a solid WR2 with WR1 upside. It looks like hes taking over the AB role there. Buy now while you can.
  10. Thats pretty close but from what I've seen, I'd go Allen/Metcalf here.
  11. I'd say Davis. I like McKinnon more for this week but for the long play, Davis will offer more value. I think CMC will be out at least 5 weeks https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/825112-thoughts-on-this-trade-whir/
  12. Offering Ingram, Chark, and Ertz for Kittle in PPR. How does it sound? Other Rbs are Sanders, Robinson, McKinnon, Ingram and one of Kelley, Davis, or Gaskin depending on Waivers. Currently have CMC on IR. WRs are Golladay, Chark, Diontae Johnson, and Gage. Currently have a backup TE in Thomas. Schultz and Sample are also on the WW Thanks in advance!
  13. Is anyone else starting to feel tempted to play Perriman this week? I don't feel good about it but who else is going to get the ball other than Herndon? If you're WRs are dropping like flies, like mine are, this might be worth a shot. Anybody considering?
  14. Pretty solid for a 12 team. I think David Johnson has a solid year. If Hyde did well there, I think David Johnson can exceed that. I like Chark, he'll definitely see even more volume with the Fournette news. Jonnu is a solid pick too. Thanks for mine!
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