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  1. Down 41 in PPR going into Sunday Night with only Adams left. Didn’t even watch. But you know how this cool story ends.
  2. good point. I once had LT as my keeper and the league took away the keeper option after the 2nd season I had him.
  3. this is what sets dynasty leagues apart. Never did one but this sort of situation makes it so cool.
  4. This is a unique team looking at the others. QB-Herbert RB-Jeff Wilson, Hunt, A Gibson, Gallman WR- Adams, Ridley, Woods, Jones TE- Henry, Hooper D Rams K Butker i think I got lucky
  5. Was this possibly better than the karma line? Only because of the timing? I say yes! Epic
  6. If you went to the “Jeff Wilson 2020 Outlook” thread you NEVER would have benched him!
  7. the question is this. Who are your other options? If you’re in this thread, clearly nothing else in the top 20. So let’s stay positive!
  8. Did anyone else draft Ridley, too? I don’t think I can remember a scenario where a WR was this much of a “handcuff” that’s usual a RB thing. anywho. As a Ridley/Jones owner I kind of hope he doesn’t play.
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