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  1. Crazy 11-2 and get absolutely no help from A Rob, D Adams, and trading for Russ 5 weeks ago comes back to haunt me. fantasy is actually pure luck.
  2. Might tough it out this guy got surgery pretty early in the week he may just be a game time decision, he can definitely suit up in time
  3. Play your best players and hope the redskins can score points with smith maybe shelfed, this isn’t about matchup based anything. Russ needs to be started as a top 5 qb every week, play your best players!
  4. Real question is he is starting this upcoming Sunday? Would be nice if he’s able to get the nod
  5. https://sleeper.app/roster/507522013059026944/9 keeper league trade picks 350 buy in, two qb league been interesting year at 11-2 but I traded Goff Big Ben Ridley Dionate Johnson for Russell Wilson and ARob 3 weeks ago, hopefully it pays off week 15
  6. Just play this man and hope he pops off weeks 14-16, I have the bye this week so I hope he does well vs WSH
  7. You are right but he’s playing the Rams at home possibly for the division title so the stakes are so ever high for his team, I expect him to show up
  8. Rams should be a high scoring affair week 16 I doubt Russ won’t do well, he does have 30 point games left with the Jets upcoming and possibly the rams if it gets into a shootout. Take the article with a grain of salt and ride russ out, he will always be a top 5 qb week in week out
  9. I can still say he was a “bust” because of his injury plus terrible outputs in games besides against the falcons. However, I look forward to week 15 (bye week in my league) against KC where it matters most. Hopefully Hill peppers him against the falcons like in week 11
  10. Don’t think much of this, once again game script affected the outcome of the game plus, the Broncos literally had no QB so I’m not worried at all about future performances especially with KC coming up come playoff time
  11. Optimistic people say Achilles injury possibly Achilles tear I know, hopefully it’s a calf strain or something. Tragic teddy got him hurt with a wide open throw and he just missed him bad
  12. MT is a weekly starter and people who watch the games know how game script affected both of his previous games. TB being blown out at half and Brees being subbed out because of injury. Even after these two games you start MT regardless because of his talent alone, any QB can throw to him!
  13. You always start your studs no matter what. Why would I want to bench Thomas after being hurt all season and then having two bad games in a row? I’m going to play him cause his talent alone makes him startable. looks at zeke in Dallas, rotoworld was literally starting to call him a low end rb 2/high end 3 weeks ago and look what he does yesterday vs the Vikings with a healthy Andy Dalton. Always play your best players!
  14. Finley is the checkdown king, gonna have the same value as before with burrow however, they could just start perjine whatever instead sooner rather than later
  15. Don’t know what everyone is talking about, this cat still a RB 2
  16. Like I said, you don’t bench your best guys this is fantasy 101 even in the most difficult matchups. Payton knew what he was doing and Hill showed he can truly be a NFL QB. Anyone who benched Thomas shouldnt be in fantasy playoffs
  17. You play your best players no matter what the matchup is, this is a very simple thing to realize however people think a change of qb will destroy someone’s value like Thomas Think of Hopkins first two years with the Texans, he had at least 4-6 QBs throwing to him and was still putting up great numbers but do you know why? Talent. Thomas is a top 5 WR rest of the way.
  18. How did he fumble away? He reached for the white line and if anything touches it it’s an automatic TD, plus the ground forced it anyway. I say solid RB 2 ROS
  19. Hope jameis feeds this guy 10 targets a game, just like bridgewater. They may rely on D who knows
  20. Check it everyday, 350 dollar buy in league. It feels good to have a good team and enjoy the season
  21. Clearly nobody understand the circumstances surrounding Jones. Vs Raiders, dropped easy dump off pass and benched for 2 quarters because of it. Vs Giants, fumble on a pass play benched for 2 quarters again. Literally down 31-0 at half last night, three 3 and outs to start the game. Jones is def worth starting this weekend, I doubt it’s a 4th week in a row he doesn’t do something, especially playing against Carolina
  22. Nah Jones is def playable, he’s gonna have a good game against Carolina, book it. He’s gonna run wild I think, Arians needs to get back to the run game
  23. Nobody even watches the games or looks into info, he first got hit hard late in the 1st quarter, out for a couple plays late on that drive. Comes out the next drive totally fine, gets stuffed at the goal line that drive and then was benched in the 2nd half for Collins and Homer because of “errors”. Only got one touch in the 2nd half. would be a good play next week if Carson out again
  24. Don’t know why everyone says chase is better cause he’s really not, only in passing situations he is a bit better cause of his route running, he can’t block like drake.... people need to stop screaming for chase cause he isn’t a 3 down back
  25. Drake to outscore zeke by 10, I have faith! Drake 3td game coming!
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